More on the Googlebro – The AI Take

I got into a lengthy facebook flail-a-thon [here] with some real live biological determinists, last night. Seriously! I had allowed myself to believe that such people didn’t actually exist. Silly me. Now I remember why my appearances on facebook are brief (occasionally I use a stealth account to do investigations) and are usually followed by years of silence.

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Boost Shiv:

Go read this, if you haven’t already.

Shiv asks some questions that I, in my cis-privileged way, have pondered while drunk, weary, or otherwise bleary. I frame it differently but, to me, it boils down to “what is ‘hot’?” and it seems to me that a lot of people don’t put very much thought into that. I have, and all I want to say right now is that it’s instructive to think about it.

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