It’s Hard to Know But I Have Suspicions

When you’ve got over half a trillion dollars at stake, people will do or say pretty much anything. So it gets hard to figure out what’s going on when you read headlines in the form of “X is an ongoing disaster” alongside of “great cost-savings achieved via X” for any given X. It’s hard to be both a tremendous success and an ongoing disaster. I am, naturally, referring to the latest news about the F-35 program.

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May Be Experiencing Mild Turbulence…

… I’m going to a small conference up in Chicago the next couple days. So I’ll be driving (to avoid the homeland security fol-de-rol) and otherwise may be too occupied to say much. If I seem uncharacteristically quiet, that’s what’s what. It doesn’t mean I hate you, or you’re the last commenter standing. Whether I post or not is going to depend on my activity level at the event.

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The idea that you can tell things about a person from their appearance underlies the entire point of dressing up, wearing make-up, and being concerned with our appearance. There are probably some things you might be able to assume from a person’s looks, but it’s still going to be pretty unreliable: you can’t tell someone’s a terrorist because they “look muslim” because “looking muslim” is a vague concept to begin with.

What about people who look like criminals?

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