Gary Thomas Rowe

Warning: Racist Violence, FBI

After the January 6th coup attempt, there has been a lot of cheering, in liberal circles, for the FBI’s apparent crackdown on the insurgents. It’s one thing to arrest and charge the hundred most obviously stupid of several thousand, but it’s another thing entirely to make the charges stick – especially to the sneakier ones. Or, to the FBI’s informants.

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Can We De-Platform the Nobel Prize?

Alfred Nobel managed to transition to being a “philanthropist” after a lifetime of building munitions. Usually, when people talk about Nobel’s legacy, they say he felt guilty for inventing dynamite (probably because of the branding: “dynamit nobel”) but he also owned and operated the Swedish steel-maker Bofors, [wik] which he turned into a cannon-maker so successful it’s still very much in business.

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