A Busy Couple Weeks!

Today I am heading down to IANS in Charlotte, NC [ia] where I will be moderating sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday I will try to pretend to have a life and then the next week I’ll be doing it again in Washington, DC [ia] then Thursday night (instead of driving home) I’ll drive up to Syracuse, NY for NYSERNET’s conference [ny] where I’m delivering the Friday morning keynote. Then, I drive home and try to remember who I am for 2 days and it’s back down to the DC area to keynote BroCon [bro] in Arlington, then swing by Herndon for a day on the way home to sit in on a Technology Advisory Board for a start-up that I’ve been consulting to for the last few years. After that, it’s a 3 hour drive back to the farm.

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A Warm Welcome

Coming home and finding your house a smouldering wreckage, burned down to the foundation – that’s not what happened to me. For some reason, though, I dread it; it’s why I have a whole mental check-list I run through before I depart and arrive, walking down the list of systems that need to be turned off (or on) when I am home or away.

I landed at Washington, Dulles around 8:00pm last night and hit the road for the 3hr drive back up to the farm. So (allowing for bathroom and drink breaks) I got home around midnight, roared into the dark and dust called “my driveway” and up to the house, to be greeted by this:

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Oh, Boy! Airport Security!

I’m going to get to see Lisbon, with a bit of luck, but only from the connecting cattle-chute. This week coming up I’ll be speaking at the IT-Defense conference in Munich, [itd] so I am not sure whether I’ll be writing much, or not. It’s going to depend on internet access, jet lag, airport security, connections, and a host of other factors.

Since the airlines screw local airport flights, I get to drive 3hr down to Washington, in order to have an affordable flight (Washington always seems to have the cheapest flights on the east coast) so I’m just going to pay attention to getting there. I’ve got a copy of a book of speeches by Howard Zinn to keep me uplifted and some books about the industrial revolution to crush me back down, again.

I don’t expect I’ll go completely silent, but I’ll be home Friday, with a bit of luck.