A Busy Couple Weeks!

Today I am heading down to IANS in Charlotte, NC [ia] where I will be moderating sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday I will try to pretend to have a life and then the next week I’ll be doing it again in Washington, DC [ia] then Thursday night (instead of driving home) I’ll drive up to Syracuse, NY for NYSERNET’s conference [ny] where I’m delivering the Friday morning keynote. Then, I drive home and try to remember who I am for 2 days and it’s back down to the DC area to keynote BroCon [bro] in Arlington, then swing by Herndon for a day on the way home to sit in on a Technology Advisory Board for a start-up that I’ve been consulting to for the last few years. After that, it’s a 3 hour drive back to the farm.

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A Warm Welcome

Coming home and finding your house a smouldering wreckage, burned down to the foundation – that’s not what happened to me. For some reason, though, I dread it; it’s why I have a whole mental check-list I run through before I depart and arrive, walking down the list of systems that need to be turned off (or on) when I am home or away.

I landed at Washington, Dulles around 8:00pm last night and hit the road for the 3hr drive back up to the farm. So (allowing for bathroom and drink breaks) I got home around midnight, roared into the dark and dust called “my driveway” and up to the house, to be greeted by this:

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