Transgender Day of Visibility —

I came late to this particular party, since I had my head up in the clouds of my own cyber-despair. I don’t know how you are collectively feeling, but I feel like there’s plenty of despair to go around. And, living up here in the deep dark south, like I do, Transgender Visibility [wikipedia] is definitely a problem. So let me tell you about something that happened in 2004, which made me feel so good about a few of my fellow human beings. I can only hope it was a positive moment for them, too, but I didn’t spoil it by asking.

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Using a Password Vault

LastPass is, right now, “scrambling to fix another vulnerability” [ars] but I’m going to talk about it anyway. The unfortunate reality of how software is written nowadays is that it’s practically impossible to write reliable code – there are too many layers of abstraction and somewhere down in the bowels of something you embedded from someplace else, there are bugs.

I’m going to explain things a bit then I’ll drop into a nice easy workflow you can use to get this problem taken care of and have passwords off your plate, forever.

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Szechuan Style Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes

This is a recipe I learned from a guy I used to work with. It’s a simple, fast, and super delicious dish that can be re-interpreted in a variety of ways. I was once served a version of this made with leftover salsa and nachos – and it was pretty good. You can make this in much less time than it takes to discuss it, and it’s barely harder than basic scrambled eggs. So give it a shot!

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Monday Meslier – From the Preface

Jean Meslier Portrait

Jean Meslier

“You know,” said he, “my brethren, my disinterestedness; I do not sacrifice my belief to any vile interest. If I embraced a profession so directly opposed to my sentiments, it was not through cupidity. I obeyed my parents. I would have preferred to enlighten you sooner if I could have done it safely. You are witnesses to what I assert. I have not disgraced my ministry by exacting the requitals, which are a part of it.

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Sunday Sermon: Asceticism

When someone says “Epicurean” what comes to mind? Usually, it’s hedonism – life spent in the pursuit of pleasure. If we were raised in a christian tradition, we might even hear “Epicurean” as slightly louche or sexually promiscuous. Epicureans, many of us think, are the sort who wear velvet smoking jackets and snort cocaine off the upturned buttocks of prostitutes.

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