This Seems Like A Bad Idea

A few years ago, several companies started producing luggage that had built-in power distribution systems and high capacity batteries. Naturally, the Department of Homeland Security concluded they looked too bomb-like and banned them from flights. Never mind that I could just as easily put a tactical(tm) battery in my Maxpedition tactical(tm) shoulder bag, and have a rat’s nest of wires in it, the new bags were not acceptable.

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Remember The Outraged Cries of “Antisemitism!”?

The reason we watch for hypocrisy, and call others on it when we see it, is because – in order to do hypocrisy, we must lie. Therefore, when we call out a hypocrite, we are negating any point they may have been trying to make, by demonstrating that they don’t really mean it; it’s especially hard for the hypocrite to claim ignorance or accident when they’re caught out.

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A Final Comment on Tacticool

A few years ago I was on a subway in New York (museuming!) and there was a guy there who was wearing hunting camouflage from head to toe. Unfortunately, I didn’t think he was being ironic; he wasn’t going against cultural norms, in fact he appeared to be trying to stereotype “game hunter” toxic masculinity. But, the image stuck in my mind. I can’t find the picture I shot with my phone, so you’ll have to imagine a gooner standing in a subway car full of New Yorkers, dressed like a mighty white hunter.

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Argument Clinic: Supplemental on ${topic1} and ${topic2}

Charles Stross’ book Accellerando has a large number of absolutely brilliant projections of the future of trolling.

Is this the right room for an argument

This posting will not contain spoilers, so don’t worry. There are weaponizable ideas in this posting that I am not encouraging you to do, because not all things that can be done are worth doing.

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