The Rembrandt of Paybacks

I’m not fond of the “Putin is a chessmaster” meme.

I am, however, willing to say he’s nobody to piss off; it’s just not a good idea to mess with someone whose idea of subtle revenge is to poison an enemy with Polonium-209. Putin doesn’t just say “fuck you” – he says “fuck you” and he means it.

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April 4: More than 70 dead in Khan Sheikhoun, of an apparent gas attack. [nyt]  Syrian government says it wasn’t them.

March 24: More than 200 dead in Mosul, of a US air strike. US government says it might not have been entirely US bombs that did it because ISIS sometimes keeps explosives in houses.[nyt]

Investigations are being called for in both cases. The Syrian regime says it would only submit to an investigation if it can be sure it’s international and multilateral. The US regime says it’ll investigate itself, thank you very much.

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