London says, “Duck Off, Donald Trump!”

Londoners turned out in their thousands to give Donald Trump the welcome he deserves, a big ass whooping. Tens of thousands of Londoners took to the street in central London to show Donald Trump in very clear terms that he is not welcomed. British humour was creatively on display in the many anti-Trump posters and banners at the march.

So glad I was able to join the beautiful, diverse people of London to protest the visit of the racist, sexist, anti-immigrants, child grabbing, grab them by the pussy Donald Trump. Trump off with your divisive inhumane politics, asshole. When you are the embodiment of racism and so sexist you say shits like “grab women by their pussies”, don’t be surprised when all we want to do is punch your putrid face.

It dd not take long for Trump to upset his host, British Prime Minister, Theresa May. Just after touching down in UK, Donald Trump gave an interview where he criticised his host Brexit deals, and went as far as saying her Former Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, who just resigned from Theresa May’s cabinet, would make a great prime Minister.

During his visit to Windsor castle to meet the queen, Donald Trump upset Monarchists and non-monarchists alike as he was seen walking ahead of the queen, in what could only be described as rude, arrogant and ill-mannered.

Glasgow and Scotland have also given Donald Trump the middle finger, telling him exactly where to duck off to. The protest posters were hilarious as well as straight to the point. Loch him up, they said.

Enjoy the pictures and videos from the UK Protest.


  1. Bruce says

    Thank you for your excellent and thorough coverage of this event. Your work on this is greatly appreciated. For some reason, the Republican-controlled newspapers here in the USA did not give the full flavor of people’s responses. Thanks.

  2. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @Marcus Ranum -- Don’t tell the Scots that! Even though Donald Trump is part Family (via his mum), the Scots definitely did not give him a family reunion homecoming party. They made the best swearing placards. “Get tae, ya feckin plonker” , they told him in their colourful language! 🙂

  3. jazzlet says

    Thanks for going too, I couldn’t, but it is great to see all the witty rejections of the man and his … well philosophy is far to grand a word, maybe brainfarts will do.

    • Yemisi Ilesanmi says

      Thanks, it was a pleasure to see the high turn out and a relief to know that many do not share his “brainfarts”

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