The cancer called Religion!

547752_422632627783136_13988685_nThere is a cancer in town; it is not a new disease, in fact, it has been around ever since humans started creating Gods. It has always been dangerous; however, with inducements and profits to be made, it gets more dangerous! Its most potent strategy of invasion is through indoctrination.

Infected persons indoctrinate children; they are also commanded to infect others. People who are not infected or already cured can still be affected by this cancer as the actions of infected persons have consequences on the lives of the uninfected.

Distance is not a barrier as this cancer takes control of its victims and influences them to act in ways that have far-reaching consequences. As an infected child grows, the cancer also grows and it suppresses normal brain activity. When left untreated, the cancer grows larger than the brain and keeps the brain in a state of mental slavery, eventually rendering the brain useless.


Religion is indeed a cancer; it is a cancer that is implanted in the brain of almost every child. Children are infected through already infected family members and guardians. Infected authority figures like school teachers and State agents also transfer the malignant disease.

Religion is the main cancer; however, this cancer also comes in different shapes and sizes. The type of cancer most often depends on where a child was born and how deeply infected the child’s parents/guardians are. Geographical location also plays a key part in determining the severity of the cancer.


The cure for this cancer lies in liberating the brain; a sharp dose of reason, followed by daily therapy of logical thinking would shrink the cancer. Unfortunately, the victims are prevented from using their brain by the well-connected cancer.

Infected children learn to accept the cancer as normal.  The cancer penetrates the brain and eats out the thoughts processing parts. Most infected adults embrace and accept the cancer as a necessary part of life.

Those who suffer from belligerent ‘Religion Cancer’ display some of the following symptoms:

  • A willingness to fly into buildings, use bombs and machetes to kill non sufferers who they call infidels
  • Hear voices and see demons
  • Slap and abuse children, women, old people, and the mentally ill during religious services under the d299640_2502429690969_1559765948_32692757_375854935_nisguise of casting out evil spirits and demons.
  • Speak in made-up mumbo jumbo language popularly called ‘speaking in tongues’, and roll on the floor in a state of Holy Ghost frenzy
  • Murder albinos and hunchbacks for money making rituals
  • Offer animals as sacrifice to Gods
  • Quote Sodom and Gomorrah as a reason to stone gays to death and deny sexual minorities equal rights
  • Scream from mountaintops and street corners that sky daddy must strike down perceived enemies by fire by force.
  • Demand that everyone be forcefully infected with ‘Religion cancer’.
  • Yell at non-sufferers that they will burn in hell for eternity.

Do you know anyone who exhibits one or more of the symptoms above?

Does any of your family mem404291_2885868499494_1043602147_2953767_1849342968_nber or friend display some of these symptoms?

ARE YOU INFECTED?  If yes, Please do not infect others. Stay Calm, Be Calm, although ‘Religion Cancer’ is a very powerful cancer it can still be defeated and cured.

Well, all hope is not lost; act fast, save your brain from the grip of the deadly ‘Religion Cancer’. Start your medication now, take doses of reason and logic, engage in rational thinking, critical analysis, search for facts and demand for evidence. These407171_2699056189303_1043602147_2867789_1434976931_n actions would surely scare the cancer away and with time, it would shrink considerably and in some cases, full recovery will be made.

Act now and start thinking rationally.

Surround yourself with people who still have their brains intact.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, flush out religion, cleanse your brain, and embrace logic! Kick out the cancer called Religion.


  1. says

    Luckily, my parents inoculated me with critical thinking when I was young. I admire people that have found the cure and followed through on the therapy!

  2. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @mikmik- You were one of the lucky few! I envy you that early escape from religious indoctrination. I do wish every child could be vaccinated against the cancer called religion.

  3. kevinalexander says

    Good post! Cancer is an excellent metaphor but I think that there’s a closer one. There are infectious parasites that get in an animals brain and alter it’s behaviour for the benefit of the parasite. There’s one that gets into rodents brains and makes them lose their fear of cats! It even makes them attracted to cats. Not good news for the rodent but the parasite needs to get into a cat to finish its life cycle.

  4. Akinsowon says

    You have all the human right to express yourself, accepted! But no right to infringe on others right and freedom! I respect you for what you are because you are creature and you are most cherished by your Creator. Remember ,each moment you make efforts to diminish or ridicule a creature or a belief each moment you reduce yourself and your belief……”Extremism is a cancer in all belief but all belief are not cancer” As truth seeker and a researcher I encourage you to read more about others belief especially a copy of Pure English Quran, take your time to read from the beginning to the end, then you may reply me if there are needs to. Thanks

  5. Yemisi Ilesanmi says


    You have all the human right to express yourself, accepted! But no right to infringe on others right and freedom!

    I am not the one infecting others with religious dogmas or beheading innocents in the name of a Skydaddy, whatever are you ranting on?


    I respect you for what you are because you are creature and you are most cherished by your Creator.

    I am a human being, not a creature of your creator. Do not force creationism down my throat.


    ”Extremism is a cancer in all belief but all belief are not cancer”.

    Did i say all beliefs are cancer in my post? No, of course not all beliefs are cancer, beliefs that seeks the progress of humanity cannot be referred to as Cancer. Religion on the other hand is retrogressive, full of crap and dangerous, therefore it has earned the right to be referred to as cancer.

    You can read more about it on my blog post-


    As truth seeker and a researcher I encourage you to read more about others belief especially a copy of Pure English Quran

    You call yourself a truth seeker and a researcher, yet you spew tales of creationism on my page? What on earth are your research tools, divination and cowries?

  6. CWilson says

    My eye was caught by “threatening children with a made-up hell is child abuse”. I was brought up in a household of non-believers. I never had to shake off religious belief, for which I am profoundly grateful to my family. Yet our culture is so saturated with religion I still managed to pick up a fear of hell which sometimes plagues me even now. I know it’s not rational. I don’t believe in hell; it’s such a horrible idea it could only have been manufactured by humans. Still it terrifies me. Reading these blogs, watching a Christopher Hitchens video, talking with other atheists is what keeps the fear at bay. So thank you Yemisi, thank you atheist bloggers, for all you do!

  7. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @CWilson You are welcome, I do envy you the luxury of growing up in household of non believers!
    Threatening children and vulnerable people with an eternal hellfire is indeed very cruel, I hope many parents realise the harm this is doing to their children and put a stop to this malady.

  8. Science says

    Keep up the good fight, good article. We have to remove religion from the earth surgically, carefully, and through several operations. This Akinsowon character commenting here is a prime example of the ignorance and misguided nature of religious persons. I hope future humanity can some day live without the oppression of religions’ selfish lies.

  9. ZBs says

    I was not aware of the Ashura ritual mentioned above. It’s both interesting to learn about and disturbing to realize how deep the insanity goes. Back in my thoroughly-indoctrinated upbringing, I learned about another blood ritual practiced by some Christian communities mostly in Southeast Asia in which they beat one another in a similar manner to the crucifixion story—even going as far to nail one another to crosses. It’s uncanny what people will do to themselves and to others in the name of their delusions. Keep up the good work!


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