A Brief LOL

(It’s dark and quiet.)
SPOCK: Captain.
(There’s a red jacket draped across a console, with white crystals scattered in and around it.)
KIRK: Just their uniforms left.


Department of Bureacracy Public Service Announcement #1

I’ve posted a few pages for you to review; they are the “how to use this blogge” manual of operations they are also available on the left-hand menu bar:

I don’t expect to have any problems with commenters here because you’re all wonderful. The TL;DR is: if you engage in verbal abuse here, be creative, be clever, and try to keep it in line with A Theory of Verbal Abuse. If you are tedious and irritating I will let you drone on at length, then I’ll delete all your comments. So don’t bother.

Thank you,
Markoff Chaney – the Mgt.

Pay More Get Less

Conservatives will tell you they favor small government, reduced taxes, and traditional social values. Oddly, in the US today, that somehow translates into “there is no amount of money that is too large to spend on the military.”  We’re treated to a constant barrage of pleas for financial assistance from the pentagon, particularly, and its bootlickers, in general, in spite of the pentagon’s claiming it doesn’t have any way to tell where the money is going. Basically, the taxpayers are pouring money into a bucket that has the bottom knocked out, and the crooks holding the bucket keep shouting “It’s EMPTY! Pour FASTER!”

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