Bayesianism and Russian Hacking

I made an oblique reference to Bayesian arguments in a postscript to a posting, [stderr] and hadn’t realized that HJ Hornbeck has already been digging into exactly that topic, using exactly that example. [hj1] [hj2] With all respect to HJ, I’m going to use his example as an opportunity to critique some of how Bayesian arguments are used in the skeptical community.

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Science in the Service of Stupid

I’m not entirely sure if this is serious.

The International Journal of Science, Spirituality, Business and Technology (IJSSBT) is an excellent, intellectual, peer reviewed journal that takes scholarly approach in creating, developing, integrating, sharing and applying knowledge about all the fields of study in Engineering, Spirituality, Management and Science for the benefit of humanity and the profession. [ijssbt]

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A Quickie

“People want to de-legitimize my American-ness, and then April 15 rolls around and suddenly I’m American.” – Roxane Gay