Trans Day of Visibility (Non-Fiction)

Trans Flag

While my life is crazy right now, I want to acknowledge that today is Transgender Day of Visibility. I have the pleasure of working with and knowing the trans bloggers on this network. I’ve also known trans people over the years, and I suspect I’ve known others who never came out to me. While I’ve made mistakes, I’ve also been learning about gender identity and striving to do better. I’m sure I still have more to learn as well.

Which is why I find this wave of trans panic alarming. Trans people have always been around. It’s no more a fad than being left-handed is. Some people just do not fit into neat little boxes. No amount of violence, discrimination, and book banning will change that. I accept that and others should, too.

On that note, I’m going to step aside and learn what I can today.

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