I am a Single Mother

In our patriarchal and pseudo-conservative societies, single mothers are often victims of moral judgments and societal pressures. We all must learn to respect the choice of the other and not seek to impose our lifestyle choice and doctrines on another, for only then can we truly be free!

This delightful poem is for all single mums out there! Happy Mothers’ Day!


I am a Single Motherfeline mum

I am a single mother

Proud like the other

I was a young mummy

Now wise and yummy

Yes I have a son

As bright as the sun

You say he needs a daddy

For him to be dandy

But I need no ring

To make me sing


I am a single mother

Sleek as the otter

I need no rows

To take the vows

I work and toil

But I don’t spoil

I spare the rod

But he is not rot

Sometimes I smack

Never leave a mark


I am a single mother

That is not a murder

So stop the blunders

Enough of your slanders

You need a man

Like your Nan

You will soon sag

Funny how they nag

I really don’t know for what

Certainly not for my want!


I am a single mother

I am proud to utter

He has a father

Who is just farther

You should know

It takes Two

Not just a procreator

To be his creator

A baby a community can scold

It takes love a human to mould


I am a single mother

Stop your muttering

There is no bastard

Don’t be so dastardly  

He is not a furnace

For your social menace

He is not a barnacle

But a special miracle

Landing on your moon

To make you swoon


 I am a single mummy

Both sexy and yummy

 I can date, I will get a sitter

Don’t be late, I need no cheater

Just be ready  

To go steady

No drinking late

That leaves you stale

Three is a number

That leaves me sober


I am a single mother

That can go yonder

I am proud to mutter

That I am no nutter

My son praises I sing

For he is a gift I bring

I need no wedding ring

Not even a big bling

Get out of your cove

For it is time to love


feline mum


  1. VeganAtheistWeirdo says

    Happy (belated) Mother’s Day! I’m not a mom myself, but I do of course have a mom. I like how you express both an individual and a maternal identity with this poem.

    Some poetry reads smoothly in my head as prose, but sounds cumbersome if performed; and some poetry just doesn’t work until I imagine a voice giving it character and nuance. Having re-read your others and now this one, I definitely find your style to fit the second category for me, to the point that I can “hear” you performing them. Do you think about how you would/will read the words out loud as you write? There’s a very strong sense of personality to them. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yemisi Ilesanmi says


    Thanks! Yes, I understand how my poems could appeal more when brought to life by a person who gets into the role and embrace the personality. Once I post some of my other poems, you will find out my poems are mostly about issues like feminism, sexism, culture, stereotypes and equality rights, and they tend to take on a personality of a strong person trying to break the chains of oppression. Many single mums fell in love with this poem when i first published it on my Facebook page. They identify with it and could see themselves in the character.

    I think if I am to read the words out and perform my poems, I will get seriously engrossed in the role, especially since I identify with the subject matter addressed in most of my poems.

  3. says

    I would personally interpret that bit of the poem to be clear… “I spare the rod”… Not ambiguous? Smack, but leave no mark. Could that possibly refer to being strict but without resort to physical punishment!

    Yemmy, sorry about the level of literary criticism here, I think FTBs is letting you down in that regard if it requires me to point out such an obvious interpretation!

  4. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    oolon -- In all honesty, I just assume they make these silly comments just to be vile because i can’t imagine they’d truly be this stupid. But if they are truly this uninformed , they’d do well to leave their mouth in park if their brain is not in gear.

  5. absolution says

    Could that possibly refer to being strict but without resort to physical punishment!

    It could. On the other hand, it could refer to striking that is far less severe than the ‘rod’, but still falls under the definition of physical contact. That is kind of closer to the meaning implied by the word ‘smack’. Adding the part about not leaving a mark actually sounds a little bit creepy. Sort of reminds me of this kind of thing: I would steer away from this imagery as much as possible.

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