Brown skin, taut hair

It stands erect in its glory

Strong and firm

Glistening, it beckons

Its beauty invigorating

Its touch intoxicating

In my bare hands it nestled

I took it close to my heart

It feels so good, so alive

It tells of tales of pleasures

A dance in the jungle, a night filled with stars

Promise of unending tomorrows

This is no place for sorrows

I traced its contours

My fingers followed its smooth lead

Tapping gently on its creamy head

With a masterstroke I beat on it

From its depth came the sound of time

As I pound on it harder

The echoes reached farther

I was soon lost in the throes of sounds

With every rhythm my heart beat faster

Racing through jungles, oceans and rivers

Sweating, I burst out in a starry glaze

For the drumbeat

Echoes two heartbeats

Ever since my lover went away

And left behind the majestic drum.

 By ©Yemisi Ilesanmi




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