Respect my Atheism; do not send me birthday greetings in the name of your skydaddy!

297011_2003474770728_1359360475_31894145_1960385590_n I just completed another full year circle, Facebook as usual, notified my FB friends, not a bad thing , but on my facebook page, there is a very bold info that states that I AM AN ATHEIST, btw, if you are on my Facebook page as a friend or subscriber and you do not know that I am PROUDLY BISEXUAL, PROUDLY FEMINIST AND PROUDLY ATHEIST, wtf are you doing on my page?

Anyway, why do people feel the need to send me birthday greetings and prayers in the name of their God, even when they know I do not share their belief in a Sky daddy? This is simply rude!

Now, imagine you are a religious person, let’s say a Christian, and  you have it on your facebook info and other social networks that you are a Christian and you also regularly make posts on your wall about how Jesus is your only Lord and Saviour,  how every other god is fake because your scriptures says all other ‘Gods’ are  deaf, dumb , blind and you should not worship these carved idol images, then your birthday comes up,  and some ‘well meaning’ friends posts the message below on your  facebook wall:

“Happy birthday dear friend, May Sango be your strength, Ogun will protect you and your family,  Oya shall bless you, Osun will nurture your children, enjoy your special day in the name of Amadioha.”308955_301626776519192_100000156154826_1493660_1120255275_n

Would you feel angry and/or disrespected? Would you just smile and say thanks or would you scream “Hey, do not bring your idolatry onto my page and certainly not into my life, fuck off idol worshiper!”

Well, that is exactly what I actually would love to say to those who, knowing that I am an atheist, still insist on sending me birthday prayers in the name of Jesus, Allah, Mohammed or whatever God(s) and prophets they worship. However, I didn’t say fuck off but said “Thanks” and decided to write this blog post, with the hope that this won’t happen again!

Yes, your prayers are meaningless to me, but when you insist on praying for me, YOU DISRESPECT ME. You just confirm that you are a religious bigot who wants to force your beliefs and unsolicited prayers down my throat. The fact is, such people simply confirm just how bad religion is and how it could turn a perfectly nice person into a thoughtless Zombie! You might be a well meaning person, but forcing your beliefs and prayers on me is rude and certainly not well meaning!

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Society always advocate tolerance of religion and culture, as long as you are not tolerating anything that harms another, respect and tolerance is the key word. BTW, if you hold funny beliefs, do not expect people not to laugh at your belief, this is not intolerance or disrespect; funny things including funny beliefs automatically generate laughter from the discerning!

Now, listen to me, I am an Atheist, I am a human being with rights to Freedom FROM Religion, I deserve to have my Atheism respected by everyone including the Pope! Respecting my non belief does not mean you cannot bring forth logical , evidence based arguments against atheism, it only means you cannot force feed me your religious doctrines and certainly should not insist on praying for me.

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If you invited a Muslim for dinner, it would be unethical to offer pork and alcohol to your guest. It would be considered religious and cultural disrespect to extend a handshake to a Muslim woman or an Orthodox  Jew of the opposite sex, it would be bad ethics to wear your shoes into the house of a Hindu, it would be considered disrespectful if you entered a church an394673_448922141807241_1102755100_nd started pouring libation to your ancestral gods, now is it so difficult to understand that IT IS RUDE TO SEND AN ATHEIST A  BIRTHDAY PRAYER?  Or do you think that Atheists do not deserve to have their non belief respected?

As an Atheist, there are many things I am already angry about, with justified reasons too,  what with religious people insisting on teaching the Creationist story of Adam, Eve and the talking snake as fact in public schools, religious fanatics itching to behead gays, stone women who commit adultery to death because their precious holy books say so and religious zealots influencing laws and state policies to fit with their religious beliefs…gawd, I got so many bullshits to put up with from religion and its shitty practitioners that I certainly do not need someone adding “forcibly praying for me”, to the unending lists of stupid and infuriating things religious people do to me!”.

So here are my birthday wishes and a lesson or two in ethics:

  •  Do not send me a birthday prayer in the name of whatever god or deity you believe in
  • Do not send me prayer greetings
  •  Do not offer to pray for me
  • Do not tell me what your God(s) have in store for me
  • Do not send me a bible or any other religious books as presents

However, for a birthday present, you can deposit a huge sum of money into a Swiss bank account in my name, send the code to me and tell me GOD DID IT… I promise not to be angry!

BTW,this video was made two years ago and this post written last year. Good news is, this message got through to many on my Facebook. This year,  the birthday greetings are pouring in but only very few mentioned a Skydaddy and  almost no prayers, at least so far! This is great and Thanks!


  1. CaitieCat says

    Happy Birthday, Yemmi! May you have so many more as you desire, nor more nor less, and may each be more prosperous, happy, and love-filled than the last.

    Also, hey, fellow-August-baby! My 47th was a few days ago too. :)

  2. F [is for failure to emerge] says

    Well hey, happy birthday then!

    There is a whole lot of this sort of disrespect, imagined as respect despite being told otherwise. Religious greetings poking at the irreligious for days of celebration or other events, for the sick or dying, or simply for “saving souls”. They always know what’s best for you. That mindset does extend beyond religion, but perhaps in a less coherent way. Some people like doing unrequested and unwelcome “favors” for others, they like to cajole people into going to social functions in which they are uninterested, and insist on making a deal out of, e.g., birthdays, when the person with the birthday doesn’t like birthday celebrations or doesn’t want any attention called to themselves.

    What is it with violating other people’s autonomy or wishes that is OK?

  3. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    F [is for failure to emerge]-

    What is it with violating other people’s autonomy or wishes that is OK?

    Nothing. It is not OK at all, unfortunately many are yet to get this important memo.


    Sorry for misspelling your name. I noticed it just as I hit “submit comment”.
    …and on a post about people being rude too.

  5. Maddie says

    Happy belated birthday, Yemisi! I promise never to pray for you unless I have a schizophrenic break from reality and become convinced that a nice lady like you could somehow be endangered from me not praying for you. That’s unlikely to happen, so, otherwise, the promise stands.

    In my family, all non-christians get Bibles for Christmas. I like Christmas, but I would also like Unicornmas to be added to the list of non-work holidays. Also, because it’s Christmas, we must turn our looks of chagrin into painful smiles and say, “Thank you,” and not tell them that we will be giving said Bibles away as soon as possible to the next unsuspecting fool, like the library.

  6. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @Cocobutter You are obviously out of place here, Take yourself to a place where common sense is not needed, I am sure you will be more at home there. Bye. :)

  7. Selliauoip says

    @Yemisi Ilesanmi Christians respecting your atheism doesn’t allow you to ridicule us, we do have common sense like everyone else, we’ve come to it cause we wonder about our origins. By the way, saying God doesn’t exist is not common sense, is not rational, it’s already some sort of faith. And also, people saying I’ll pray for you aren’t cursing you and you aren’t allowed to tell them to f**k off, and if you refuse prayers, they won’t tell you anymore, but they’ll pray anyway ; they won’t care about what you think if you’re full of hatred, and they will be right.

  8. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @Selliauoip -- Asking bigoted believers not to force their beliefs down my throat is not about ridicule, it is about ethics and common sense. When bigoted believers like you insist on praying for atheists, especially on special occasions like Birthdays, it is not about goodwill, it is your bigotry shining through.

    Also, it sounds like you do not understand the meaning of atheism. No, i do not think when believers pray for me, they are cursing me. Curses are as useless as prayers; they are wishes believers want Santa Claus or an imaginary man with horns to grant.

    Grow up, this isn’t Disney land. BTW, you are free to live in your imaginary world, just don’t force others to acknowledge, interact or worship your imaginary friends and skydaddy. If you think this is too much to ask, constitute ridicule or hate, you need to grow a brain.


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