Facebook banned me for saying Men Are Trash

Facebook banned me for posting excerpts from my blog post, Men Are Trash, on my Facebook wall, and deleted the posts. Facebook thinks it is hate speech.

Some Facebook and Instagram users have reported similar experience; not surprising as Facebook owns Instagram. I Probably got reported by some random blokes whose very existence confirms that Men are Trash.

I decided to make the blog post into a YouTube video and share on Facebook.  I plan to download it on my Facebook as a video, no doubt it will get me banned again, cos, Men and their fragile ego! #MenAreTrash.


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  1. efogoto says

    Despising the actions of drunks who follow women to intimidate them with unwanted sexual advances is hate speech? Gah!

  2. says

    As a man, I have no problem with #MenAreTrash. It’s a generalization, sure, but it’s not an unreasonable one. Guys who are more upset about a hashtag than the way women are treated have entirely missed the point.

  3. StevoR says

    I’m going to belatedly third the remarks of William Brinkman (#2) & LykeX. I have no problem with your hashtag or blog with that title and don’t think Facebook should have banned it at all. Yeah, “Men are trash”” (or pigs / dogs /scumbags etc .. many other possible adjectives /nouns) is, indeed, a generalisation but the context and the writing makes it clear what its referring to and quite reasonable.

    I’m also going to second what efogoto (#1) wrote too.

    Is there any chance that (or has they already even?) Facebook will see that they got this assessment wrong and will re-instate your blog post and future one’s with that title? I hope they will and think they should.

  4. secondtofirstworld says

    @LykeX #4:

    If the previous post was the same blog post in its entirety… that did call all men trash, and at least one comment went further to proclaim all men are trash because those who don’t perform an action against harassment are in essence, enablers.

    This is where my problem begins. It’s a have your cake and eat it too, if we (rightfully) defend a person’s right to belief if they’re in no way connected to atrocities, but at the same time demand 24/7 vigilance from a different group. Disregarding some little facts, like having lives, not being able to be everywhere all the time, nor sharing the mindset of perpetrators. One person can only do so much in the surroundings they exist in. I’m against the suggestion that women act in a way that evokes harassment, that’d be victim blaming, which is a deflection, but I’m also equally against collective punishment.

    Trying to invoke cooperation or neutrality through shaming is not a good adviser.

  5. Jim Davidson says

    I’m a male who was recently banned for posting “Men are pigs(c)2018”. It was posted on a relative’s Facebook page in response to a post mocking the banning of memes. I posted it as an example of a meme. I decided to eliminate Facebook and all social media presence from my electronic devices using AdBlock and no longer use Facebook. It was a very difficult decision, since I am dying from stage 4 cancer and Facebook is the primary method for friends and relatives to know of my condition. but it was a decision that I needed to make.

    Facebook can go screw themselves. They’re an evil company that should be banned from the internet.

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