I Am Beautiful and I know It

It is so cringeworthy when people tell me i am beautiful and I accept it at face value with a nod to my own beauty but as a reward they want me to grovel at their feet or expect I say something self-devaluing like  “Oh no, you are just being nice, I am not all that.” Of course, i am all that and much more too, thanks for the observation!

I woke up this morning to this awesome video by Daysha Edewi titled “What If I Knew I Was Beautiful”. My fb friend had commented on the video on Facebook and tagged me and I went, “OMG, this video is so me!”

Video comment

It is a self-positive video worth watching and sharing.

I am beautiful and I know it. Thing is, i know myself, I love every inch of me inside and out. I love me at whatever shape and size. I understand no one can love me like I do and that feels good. It also means I don’t need or crave the validation of others and the put downs don’t affect me.

No, I don’t live in a bubble of self-denial because i assert my own beauty.

I don’t have to tick all or any of society’s stereotype beauty standards before i feel beautiful. Damn, i was not consulted when that patriarchal bullshit was drawn up, and they keep changing it without asking for my opinion, so why should i care?


I know some arseholes who complain about another women’s body type not meeting their personal expectations of what a beautiful woman looks like. These assholes even go to the extent of giving unsolicited advice to women they hardly know. They never hesitate to tell plus size women to lose weight. They are always eager to condescendingly tell us what and when to eat, what type of clothes we should wear or not wear for our body type like that fame seeking internet asshole whose name I can’t be bothered to mention.

Heck, some ignorant advertisers even ask women “Are you beach body ready?” Are-You-Beach-Body-Ready

All I need to be beach body ready is to find a beach I can get to, I already have a body, thank you!

Affirming my beauty is not vanity. Asserting that I am beautiful does not mean i am stuck up, it only means i am beautiful and i know it. No one else can tell me otherwise because my opinion of my body is the only one that matters.

Self-love is important. Many assholes especially on the internet live to chip away at a women’s body worth, we should never give them the satisfaction of seeing us crumble.

Society has invested so much in instilling in women that unless we meet the beauty standard set for us, and act the script prepared for us, we are worthless and not real women. Therefore, it is pure, undiluted joy and freedom to be able to look society in its patriarchal, sexist eyes and tell all its enablers where to stick their opinions and stereotype scripts.

Nothing is more of a turn on than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Walk the earth like the goddess and achiever that you are. After all, you were the fastest swimming spermatozoon to get to that ovum that developed into the amazing person you are today. You are one in a million, so walk the earth like you own it, cos you are a goddess.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. See the beauty in yourself and all who disagree can kiss your ass and that is only if they are worthy to kiss your feet.

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  1. otrame says

    The most beautiful woman I ever saw was at least 75 years old. She looked 75 years old and was making no attempt to look younger. She walked into the room in the certain knowledge that she was her self and that that was a good thing and she was absolutely beautiful.

  2. Cassandra says

    “Damn, i was not consulted when that patriarchal bullshit was drawn up, and they keep changing it without asking for my opinion, so why should i care?”

    ^^^THIS! I love this! I always say this to myself. I say it especially when men imply that women are sneaky or devious for getting around rules that were made for the benefit of men.

    Love your blog!

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