Things That You Cannot Unsee

I sometimes enjoy drinking a few glasses of wine and playing Rimworld. There’s something about a slight buzz that engages my creativity in a kind of sloppy mode.

Sometimes, the sloppy mode (I assume I function like other AIs, with varying success criteria) makes for leaps of intuition (i.e: taking the branch of the decision-tree less traveled) which is how I designed my accidentally very effective Rimworld fortress building approach. Other times, I use another glass or two of wine to wash down the first one, and I begin to doubt my process because the number of errors becomes huge. “At least,” I tell myself, “I have never imagined this is a good time to operate power tools,” as I order my poor Rimworld pawns to try to hunt an entire herd of bears. Unlike with power tools, you can restart from a saved game.

When I’m getting incompetent, I either a) nap or b) listen to music and nap, or c) all of the above. Musically, I’m all over the place but sometimes I bump into something “high energy” and almost always, I wind up looping back to Neil Young’s Like a Hurricane or All Along The Watchtower [my favorite version] The other night, feeling quite disassociated, I suddenly noticed something in the Cow Palace performance of Like a Hurricane [youtube] at 6:05

Chocolate chip cookies and milk! How wholesome!

I think it’s awesome that the camera person pulled their focus off Young and onto the cookies, only for an instant. Now I am obsessed with looking for cookies in Neil Young shows.

Also on the topic of “unseeable” a friend of mine sent me a picture of the Chicago Bulls logo, with the explanation: “if you look at it upside down it’s a picture of a robot doing unmentionable things to a crab.” Similar to the christmas nativity scene that is also two T-rexes fighting over a table saw.


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