Ultra Low Calorie Pixels

This is not really interesting, except to think about what eating AI-generated actual food might be like, because the AI sure seems to like big portions and lots of cilantro. Perhaps this is how the AI apocalypse comes: we are poisoned by robot chefs who simply over-salt everything.

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When You Go Dark, Stay Dark

(that’s from Ray Wylie Hubbard)

Last night it occurred to me that I should do some more arty Halloweeny stuff and Jornada Del Muerto is coming up on Thursday. Brilliant! No need to worry about Hallmark Halloween, I can do candy skull stuff. So, I mixed some of my candy skull zombie geisha prompts (yes, I have a portfolio of rendered zombie geisha, don’t you?) and my splashy ink prompt.

[Content Warning: AI Art, Nudity-ish, blood and gore-ish]

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