The Totalitarian Urge

When does authoritarianism shift to totalitarianism?

Politically, authoritarianism is a system in which the state asserts its supreme power over a region, then uses that power to dictate rules and behaviors. There are a variety of authoritarianisms, including Stalinism, Maoism, Putinism, Fascism, Kimism, dictatorship, tyranny, aristocracy, monarchy and so forth.

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Inherently Immoral Jobs

Richard Feynman famously said that marketing was an inherently immoral job, because it consisted of  selling something as being better than the marketer knows it to be. I tried that argument on our VP of Marketing, back in the day, and she said that “MarCom” – Marketing Communications – was OK. Well, that still leaves the rest of marketing on the hook.

As we discussed in my piece on butter packaging, marketing claims often do amount to lies – excuse me – “deliberate excursions from the truth.”

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Propaganda: Applied Eugenics

I obtained a copy of the classic text by Paul Popenoe, published in 1918 by McMillan. Unfortunately, original editions don’t appear often on Ebay and I thought that it’d be better to spend my money on nerd toys instead of obtaining a beautiful old printing of an ugly old book.

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