I Hate Snow

I did this using a radio remote (hidden in my glove) and carefully timed shutter settings to get the right light and motion blur. To get the blur right I had to be really close to the semi, which meant I had a slight chance of slipping and throwing myself under the wheels.  Everyone honked and waved but, whatever.

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Liquid Soap

Making liquid soap is daunting because it’s a weird process. But it’s also pretty simple. In fact, the full description of the process takes longer to read and understand than actually doing the work.

I’ve produced this as a single recipe with quantities for a member of The Commentariat(tm) who wants to give it a try. So where I put specific quantities, you can use them and make exactly what I did, or there are links at the bottom for how to compute your own quantities based on different oils.

This process takes about 4 hours start to finish, but you’ll only actually do a little work. But you have to be there to deal with it; you can’t just leave your soap on the stove like you would a cat or a child or something…

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An Eyeful

I talk to venture capitalists a fair bit because I’ve been involved in a bunch of start-ups and technical advisory boards. And I do an interview column for Searchsecurity, where I try to interrogate interesting people in order to find out how they got interesting. This morning I was transcribing the audio of an interview I did with a woman executive who was a venture capitalist for years, then went on to start her own company.

It’s fairly rare to find woman executives who are willing to talk about gender bias, because, I’m sure it just increases their inter-cranial pressure to the explosion point. But we went there, anyway.

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Yummy “NopeFish”

My friend who introduced me to this guy’s twitter feed calls it “Nope Fish.” I suspect they all taste more or less the same, but I can understand why a sushi chef wouldn’t want those pretty faces staring at customers through the glass.

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A Mind-Boggling Gun

I’ve been avoiding writing about this because my supply of expletives needed to regenerate. And, frankly, I’m a bit baffled by the topic – whenever I try to think about this, I wind up with my jaw hanging, scratching my butt, and going, “can there possibly be more to this story that I simply do not understand?”

I’m talking, of course, about the 2 main guns on the USS Zumwalt.

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Are You a SPUG?

From the San Francisco Call, November 14, 1913.

“Spug” is the unattractive nickname of a society which is doing a useful service in discouraging the giving of useless presents. The full name of the organization is the “Society for the Prevention of Useless Giving,” or S. P. U. G., “spug.” The society was organized last year and has just begun its 1913 campaign to discourage the habit of indiscriminate and unnecessary gift making.

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Hijinks on the High Seas

I’ve always been interested in naval hijinks, mostly because navies are the premier means of “projecting power” for nation-states.* And, of course, gathering intelligence as well. The US’ military has a huge emphasis on naval force-projection because of the logistics of having a navy: a carrier task force group is a movable city with its own inner supply chain. As mentioned elsewhere, you can tell a lot about the purpose of a nation’s military by its force structure.

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