Fuck Cancer: Caine’s Journey

In December of 2017 Caine, Chris ‘C’ Ford, was diagnosed with a malignant tumor and underwent an emergency colostomy followed by months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It was a long and difficult battle for Caine, but throughout she wrote eloquently and fearlessly about it all. In August of 2018 Caine lost her battle with cancer, but her writing and artwork live on.  This page contains all the links to Caine’s writings about her diagnosis and treatment as well as links to all of Caine’s cancer related artwork.  The writings are in chronological order and I’ve included some pieces that Caine wrote between her actual Cancer Chronicles. I’ve done a slow search backwards in time and hope that I’ve included everything. Please feel free to contact me at our email affinitysubmissions@gmail.com. The address is permanently on the sidebar below. You will also find here the Affinity notice of Caine’s death, tributes to Caine from her readers and C’s eulogy, written by her husband of nearly 40 years and shared with the Affinity community. This page will be permanently linked at the top of the left sidebar. Comments will remain open and will be monitored. Please feel free to leave a respectful message.






Cancer Chronicles 1.  Fuck Cancer.



Cartoon by Mark Ewbie.

Cancer Chronicles 2:  The Farting.




Cancer Chronicles 3:  The Naming.



Cancer Chronicles 4:  Pathology & Expression.




Cancer Chronicles 5:  A Refusal.






Cancer Chronicles 6:  Tired and Tunneled.







Cancer Chronicles 7:  Shock and Silences.






Cancer Chronicles 8:  One one thousand, Two one thousand…







hd-free images.

Cancer Chronicles 9:  Anger.







Google Images, screenshot.

Cancer Chronicles 10: Standards & Stories.






Cancer Chronicles 11: Home.









Paper, paper, paper.

Cancer Chronicles 12: Creeping Isolation.







Cancer Chronicles 13: Breakdown Days & Fuck That Noise.








Some of the stuff which goes with me on chemo days.

Cancer Chronicles 14: Chemo Brain.








The chemo pump.

Cancer Chronicles 15: The Takeover.





Cancer Chronicle Notes







Cancer Chronicles 16: I Just Don’t Care.




CC Notes: Almost Back To Life.








My new best friend, Immodium.

Cancer Chronicles 17: Struggling.







Cancer Chronicles 18: Water Is Life.







Sorry, gone for a while…







CC Notes:  When Prolapse Happens.






Cancer Chronicles 19: Eight.






CC Notes: I’m not Sorry







Back, Sort Of…







Pills, Anyone?







Oral chemo paperwork.

Oral chemo paperwork.

Cancer Chronicles 20: “Hi, I’m five weeks.”








The prescribed goop for malnutrition.

Cancer Chronicles 21: Goop, Goodies, & Other Stuff.







Cancer Chronicles 22:  Ten More Days.






A Tad Messed Up Here








Caine is Two feathers swimming on waterGone






C’s Eulogy





In addition to being an accomplished photographer and writer, Caine was also a passionate and talented artist. Throughout her diagnosis and treatment she used her art to document her personal experience with cancer and to literally tell cancer to Fuck Off. She made visible and understandable the nature of cancer and her suffering in ways that words alone couldn’t. As her symptoms progressed Caine was often frustrated by exhaustion and increasing pain throughout her body, but in particular her beautiful hands which limited her ability to create. Listed below are the posts that Caine published regarding her journey with cancer through art.

                                                    Ostomy bags

CC5: A Refusal

Another Day, Another Bag

Working on…

Another Day, Another Bag 2


Cancer  Chronicles 7: Shock & Silences




First Reaction

Chemo Drawing #1. (First Reaction)

First Reaction, A Bit of Progress.

First Reaction: Bad Flash Update.





The Fight ©Caine, all right reserved

The Fight

Working on…(The Fight)







Hernia Comb







The Chemo Book.










Working on and slobbery dogs…







Inside Cancerland: Distortion Series.







Inside Cancerland: Distortion Series 2, Fatigue Reflected.

Inside Cancerland: Distortion Series 2, Fatigue Reflected.

Inside Cancerland Distortion Series 2.










Head full of Thorns

Stupid is…(Thorns)


Tools (Thorns)






Creatures of Brain Sorbet













There were also many tributes to Caine, including several of her friends who made plantings in her honor.

Remembering Caine

A Living Remembrance

Blade Braider

A Tree Story

Stages of a Flower

The Teeth of a Lion

Water is Life

It’s Still Beautiful

Barberry Flowers for Caine


Caine’s Recommended Reading

The Emperor of all Maladies