Pills, Anyone? (Admin Stuff).

Yes, that bottle is that big – 6 inches tall. Eeesh. This is half of the chemo drugs I’ll be taking during the next 5 weeks.

I’m so sorry to spring this on everyone so late, but I won’t be around at all tomorrow – I have to pack all this shit and get moved into my apartment. Snagged a nice one bedroom which is a two minute walk to the cancer center, where I’ll be doing the radiation treatments. I’ll be home on Saturday & Sunday. Today was not the start of radiation, supposedly I’ll start tomorrow. Apparently, the physicist and my doc didn’t quite figure out the proper dose and get all the programming done, so I have to get moved tomorrow and start treatment. Today, picked up the 2nd set of chemo meds (the stuff in the gigantic bottle), secured the apartment, did shopping for it, and found a truck we want to buy, so it’s going to be busy, busy, busy. I did get Hekate set up in the apt., so I’ll be able to blog from there. I’ll get back to regular blogging as soon as possible – should be all settled by tomorrow evening and back at it on Thursday.


  1. DonDueed says

    Best of luck with your next round of treatment. At least you won’t have to make those long drives all the time.

  2. voyager says

    Tomorrow sounds onerous…I hope it all goes smoothly. Will Jayne be staying with you?

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Best of luck with the move and the treatment.

    Two minutes walk sounds great.

    Virtual bread and salt for the new place.

  4. says

    Voyager, yes, I hate moving, even a mini-move, had enough of that for a lifetime. There’s just a wealth of stuff to take, too. No, Jayne won’t be with me, Rick will be home Mon.-Fri., and I’ll be home Sat. & Sun. So, we won’t be seeing much of each other for the next 5 weeks, but we’ll manage. It’s best Rick is home with Jayne, he’s going to have a fit when he realizes I’m gone. The cancer center is visible from my apartment, it’s literally around the corner. Brandon, who takes care of all this sort of thing, had us sign the paperwork, and said “I’ll walk you over!” That really couldn’t have worked out better.

    Ice Swimmer, thank you!

  5. avalus says

    Best uf luck. Moving -- another pain in the butt. Glad you found a nice appartment fast!

    Thrifty White? What does that mean?

  6. rq says

    Virtual bread and salt for the new place.

    Yep, some more. You’re going to be neck-deep in virtual bread and salt.
    Three cheers for an apartment that’s so convenient. I hope the internets will work well enough to provide you with entertainment and distraction (and a small side of blogging?).
    Poor Jayne, though. It’s going to be a long five weeks, but then, it’s “only” five weeks, heh.

  7. jazzlet says

    Virtual icecream from me!

    Glad you have Brandon to sort such things out, and that the apartment is so handy to the cancer centre. Uff it’s going to be tough for all of you so sending all of you hugs scritches or what ever you find most comforting.

    Avalus I assumed Thrifty White was the name of the pharmacy?

  8. says

    Thank you all! Oh, I have laundry going, and now I have to pack up art stuff. I still feel like I’m taking half the house with me. Net access is much better in Bismarck than here! There’s wi-fi at the apartment, but I’ll have my wireless with me too. Oh, I don’t want to do this. Bleagh.

    Avalus, that’s the name of my pharmacy. The Xeloda actually came out of Fargo, I had them forward it to my pharmacy for pick up. The experimental stuff is handled by the hospital pharmacy. Okay, back to packing!

  9. says

    Ouch. Well, at least your commute won’t be so laborious.

    And I’m glad someone will be there for Jayne. I always wonder about how pets are affected by these situations.

  10. says

    Thank you all! I’m at the apartment now, getting settled in. I’m also within walking distance of the pain clinic and main hospital, so that’s all good!

    I considered blurring the labels, but my name has been known for ages, it’s hardly a secret. I’m not worried about it. Oh, I’d like to take a nap, but we have to be off to go buy the truck. It’s a 2001 Chevy Silverado, half ton, 1500 HD. The backseats are spacious enough for Jayne, once we’re able to get him in it. Jayne doesn’t like change, and is suspicious of all new things, so we’ll have to find a way to get him in it, then take him on a fun road trip.

    We also have to get to a few thrift shops to find a coffee table -- the only one in the apartment is being used as a television stand. We’ll leave it as a donation at the end of treatment.

  11. says

    Jayne doesn’t like change, and is suspicious of all new things, so we’ll have to find a way to get him in it, then take him on a fun road trip.


    Suspicious of all new things is something I have come to appreciate. Perhaps it’s where conservatism comes from.

    Having an apartment near the hospital is a brilliant idea!

    (Thrifty White sounds like some kind of goblin quartermaster in World of Warcraft. Perhaps an alchemist who sells potions that work but they all taste like chalk, and are kind of the same color. When people complain that they taste like chalk he says, “no they taste like plaster, pal!”)

  12. Nightjar says

    Oh, you have my sympathy, I hate moving, I hate being away from home even it’s just a few days. But at least you’re close to everything you need, I hope the apartment is cozy enough for you to get all the rest you need. Good luck for this second round of treatment.

  13. jimb says

    Good luck, Caine.

    And I’m totally with Jayne, I dislike change also. But a fun road trip sounds like it will help.

  14. DavidinOz says

    MAN OH mAN!

    Pills were so much prettier and so much more fuuuuun in the 70’s!

    The shit you are going through and yet you find time to keep us informed and entertained. I am in awe of your strength. I find you an inspiration and wish you all the very best for this next round. Come home safe and well.


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