It’s Still Beautiful

Remember this?

It is now about four weeks later, and five shades darker:

I’ll take another photo in another couple of weeks, same time, same place.
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Also I have a small confession to make: since I received my Acceptance Ring from Lofty via Caine, I haven’t removed it for any significant amount of time. Lately, though, it was getting loose on my thumb, to the point where it would slip off (into my purse, a pocket, the floor of the car), but I have always been able to find it again. Soon after taking this photo, however, it slipped from my thumb and fell onto the tracks. I can see it, every time I wait for the train, and I’m trying to get up the guts to retrieve it (believe me, train traffic is not nearly so busy for this to be a truly life-endangering activity) – my thumb feels naked, and I’ve lost a fidget toy.

On the other hand, there’s a strange appeal to knowing the ring is just down there, a little piece of the world of Affinity, a little part of my everyday morning. So I think that, eventually, I will go after it – when the evenings get dark enough for people not to see me rooting around underneath the platform. In the meantime, a small gift from friends has melded with something larger.

And because it being that time of year, here’s some late evening / early morning shots from near the station. With and without flash. The colours are bright, for now, but next week the leaves will have fallen, and the grey-brown shades will take over.

The picture I was trying to take.
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The picture that happened.
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A very streetlit orange maple at night.
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A full moon morning – it’s a bit shaky, as I was hurrying to catch the train and I only had about a minute, but one of those lights is the setting moon.
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  1. says

    If there is a stationmaster they should be able to recover it for you. Alternately a longish pole with a loop of duct tape on the end might work. I wish I could help you -- recovering items is fun problem-solving.

    Otherwise, I guess you’ll always know where it is. (As Maude says)

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    There’s so much beauty in the pictures. I feel both a bit sad and fascinated by the lost ring story.

  3. voyager says

    I almost don’t want to know the resolution. I want it to be like Schrodinger’s ring…both at the station and on your hand. Both endings have an appeal.

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