Working On and Slobbery Dogs…

Lately, I’ve been working on the floor, so this is my fault, but slobbery dogs, aaaaauuuugh. One of the doors in my studio opens onto the lav, and the door was open. I go in for around 10 seconds, and Jayne promptly stands over the painting and drools. Now he’s sleeping the sleep of the innocent (What? I didn’t do anything! Why are you yelling? Can I have a treat?)


  1. says

    Hug delivered, Voyager.

    Marcus, that’s a nose that’s never out of things.

    Oh, such ambitions, Anne! I’m afraid Jayne aims lower, as in “anything on this floor edible?”

  2. Rob Grigjanis says

    “anything on this floor edible?”

    The highest aspiration of a sentient being is finding decent floor food. Art and physics are (distant) joint second.

  3. chigau (違う) says

    To a canid, everything is edible.
    Including the re-cycled mass from the previous meal’s vomit.
    I really ♥ other people’s dogs.

  4. rq says

    Dragons and eyes.
    Maybe you can paint with the drool and incorporate it into the greater design? Have him take a lick for decorative effect here and there…? Such innocent eyes, haha. Hope he’s getting and giving all the hugs everyone needs.

  5. says

    Yes, Jayne is getting all the hugs, and he made all manner of noise about it last night, too. A very happy boy.

  6. Ice Swimmer says

    The jagged edges look so sharp that they’d draw blood. The eyes, one just has to look at them.

  7. Raucous Indignation says

    One of my requirements for the puppy was a non-slobbering breed. Pepper, doesn’t drool or slobber; she is the daintiest eater. She eats one kibble at a time. But she does burp and fart and get the occasional turd-let caught in her fur.

  8. jazzlet says

    Theoretically German shepherds are not slobbery dogs, but it turns out some of them are. My SiL has a set of special old trousers and shoes just for visiting us. She loves the dogs and they love her right back, especially Jake or slobber chops, which is why she needs the protective gear.

    Sharp eyes are disturbing yet compelling.

  9. says

    Jayne is half Shepherd, half Chow. Both his folks were purebreds, too. This was not an intentional breeding, but Jayne’s people had decided to keep one of his sisters and one brother. Bad times hit, and they could only keep the mum & (not) dad (They had two white German Shepherds) and they were heartbroken having to find homes for them. There was no problem homing his sibs, they were snapped up immediately. I found Jayne through the giveaway listings, and had Rick call. His owner, Chris, broke down and was crying, we got the whole story, and agreed to take Jayne, who was well over 200 miles away.

    Rick and Jayne’s people met halfway in Minot, at the 200 mile point. Chris had mentioned they had a really difficult time finding a home for Jayne, but didn’t say why. We were expecting a 7 month old puppy. When Rick arrived back home, I waited for him to come in, after 20 minutes, I went slogging through the snow to find out what the problem was. Took one look in the carrier and said “what in the fuck is that? that is not a puppy, what in the fuck?” Turns out to be the reason Jayne couldn’t be homed, he’s a genetic sport. He was twice the size of all his sibs, and he was 100 lbs at 7 months. This was our “puppy” at 7 months, in 2008:


  10. ledasmom says

    100 pounds at seven months! What does he weigh now?
    We see a few chow mixes where I work, although possibly not as many as people think they have. Although many chow crosses do have the partly-black tongue, so do some dogs who are very unlikely to be part chow. A lot of assumptions, I think, from shelters -- I suspect there are also fewer Plott hound crosses than are listed as such.

  11. says

    Ledasmom, Jayne weighs 120 lbs. It’s easy enough to understand why everyone else ran away when they saw him, thinking about the food bills! :D

    Yeah, I don’t think chow mixes are anywhere near as common as people think. Most people who have purebred Chows, if they are going to breed, are intent on keeping the line pure. Jayne’s mum and dad were caught together, and no one’s owner was happy about it. I’m just grateful Jayne didn’t get that chow hair, gad that’s a pain in the ass. As it is, his hair is serious thick.

    My ex had a Norwegian Elk Hound that had a black-spotted tongue. They happen all the time.

  12. jazzlet says

    Aww, gorgeous Jayne.

    My bitch Thorn has a black patch on her tongue as did my first bitch Jazz (also known as Jazzlet …)

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