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So. Testing, testing. Is this thing working properly?

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Caine asked for some help with blog content and after a consideration I offered to do it. She has handed me the keys to her blog and I will do my best to not scratch it. Hopefully my blogging skills are better than my driving (you really would not like to lend me your car, and I would never accept it).

Most people reading this blog know me already from comments. So just very briefly who I am:

I am male, Czech, living in CZ. First third of my life I lived behind the iron curtains – literally. After it fell I graduated in teaching of biology and chemistry, and I also briefly studied psychology and arts. Currently I am working in Germany and in the course of my work I often find myself in situations like in YouTube sketch “The Expert“.

You are free to guess who I can relate the most with. I have already once said about one of my managers that he is an incompetent buffoon with whom I refuse to work. I expected to be fired after that, but instead the boot has hit his ass.

My hobbies are gardening, photography, woodworking and knifemaking. In the past I was also drawing and painting, but alas I do not have time for that anymore. But I hope to have again sometime and I will post some of my former works. I was not magnificent, but I have on occasion managed to do a decent job of it.

Thinking under a tree

©Charly, all rights reserved.

Politically I am left of center in my country, but I would be considered to be a radical leftist in the USA.

I consider the most important skill to have to know when to shut up. It is also the most difficult skill to acquire and hone.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    Welcome to your new roll, Charly.
    I always enjoy reading your comments and look forward to reading your posts.

  2. says

    Fell over laughing watching the video, there isn’t a graphic artist on the planet wouldn’t identify with that one! :D

  3. voyager says

    Welcome Charly. I look forward to your posts and to seeing more of your art. I also hope you share a bit about knife making. I love to learn how makers make things.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    Welcome, Charly!

    I like the drawing and I’d like to guess that your bonsai hobby has informed it.

  5. kestrel says

    How exciting! Wonderful to see you here, and to hear your voice, Charly. I love your posts, this will be great!

  6. StevoR says

    So. Testing, testing. Is this thing working properly?

    Yes. I think so.

    Seeing you here okay from Oz anyhow. Thankyou and respect.

  7. says


    Hello, Charly! I look forward to your posts, I think you will do well with this!

    I’d dearly like to talk you into signing up too.

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