A tree story

Raucus Indignation sent this in a few weeks ago and I had planned to post it on Tree Tuesday, but I’ve now decided that this submission is about more than just the tree so I’m posting it today instead. I’ll let Raucus explain:

I have many old apple trees around my home.  The property is on an old orchard. This one didn’t survive the winter.  It will be replaced by another apple or maybe a hazelnut in honour of Caine.  I’ll send photos of the new trees once they’re planted.

I’m sorry to hear about the lost apple tree, but I think that planting a new one is the perfect way to remember a friend who loved trees and the birds that make them home. I look forward to seeing the photos of the new tree once it’s planted. Thanks so much for sharing, Raucus.


©Raucus Indignation, all rights reserved

©Raucus Indignation, all rights reserved

©Raucus Indignation, all rights reserved

©Raucus Indignation, all rights reserved


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    In this context especially, these are poignant pictures.

    An end of a life is irreversible and we living are left to deal with them, on different levels. But we have the memories and we have each other.

  2. Raucous Indignation says

    We had a very early blizzard a few Falls ago. It dropped very heavy wet snow while the trees still had their leaves. The power went out and we huddled in our dark and cold bedroom as the snow fell. The cracking and breaking of tree limbs and trunk was very loud and went on all night. I had a double truncked willow that cracked in two. We thought the roof had given way it was so loud. Couldn’t save the willow. Lost more trees that night, but many more were injured and never fully recovered despite the arborists. This tree was one of the later, injured years ago and now finally dead. I’m meeting with my landscaper next week to go over the new plantings. Thank you Voyager for allowing me to share my photos.

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