1. voyager says

    That is a very powerful piece of art. It makes me want to look away and at the same time it keeps drawing me in. There is so much emotion in it. Fear, confusion, anger, pain. It’s very stark and it’s beauty lies in its truth. Well captured Caine.

  2. says

    I am not analyzing it with a caliper, but this is what I see:
    Shock, disbelief and confusion.
    Fear and anxiety.
    And poison.
    And an angry scream.

    Very powerfull. It makes me feel all those things and some more that do not even have names.

  3. rq says

    All the shapes, so much to say, like Klimt without the orderliness of geometry and a lot more anger.
    I think Charly really said it with ‘betrayal’, there’s a feeling of ‘unfair!!’ in the faces. Like someone broke the rules (the eyes, really, do it for me, that’s what mine do when I suddenly discover all the major rules are the polar opposite of what I thought, and nobody told me). Wrongness.

    *hugs* and that sledgehammer

  4. jazzlet says

    Although I don’t want to spend a lot of time with First Reaction I can spend time with it now rather than just saying ‘oh no!’ and running away. That means I am seeing more not that in any way that First Reaction has lost it’s power.

    Caine I’m so glad you have this way of expressing yourself. I worried lot about Mr Jazz when he was going through his cancer diagnosis and treatment (the latter being just an operation so a lot simpler and quicker than for you) because he didn’t have a way of expressing himself other than words, and like most of us he found clearly expressing his feelings in words difficult. I hope that you can continue expressing yourself like this for years to come. Sending you an infiniste supply of art supplies to facilitate that expression (wish they could be real ones).

  5. says

    Jazzlet, yeah, words tend to be right inadequate for expressing all the feelings cancer brings up, it’s hard for everyone. I’m back to the first cancer piece I started, but the time wasn’t right for it yet. I have at least two more in mind as well, they are brewing away while I work on ‘Fight’.

  6. Ice Swimmer says

    The scream, the jaggedy letter shapes and the tear get me first and there’s more. More of what’s people been talking about. A lot to handle and then even more.

    *Nice gloves to use the sledgehammer from rq with.*

  7. Nightjar says

    Wow. I keep coming back to this, clicking for full size, getting my mind lost in its complexity and eventually feeling too disturbed to articulate any words at all. So even though I have opened this thread a few times I haven’t been able to comment until today. And I still can’t find the words.


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