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Another bag, what else? :D Monday and Tuesday, there might not be much content, I have to head in to meet my radiation doc Monday morning, and to see my primary doc on Tuesday morning. I wish they believed in late afternoons more, be easier. Oh, I should mention, the little black heart is not my design, that’s Urban Threads. Go have a look, they have fabulous stuff. Previous Bag.


  1. jazzlet says

    I like it. Can we have a photo of the finished work too please?

    ‘Red hair and black leather, my favourite colour scheme’

    I brought a red and black dress last year, I think it may usurp the long lamented favourite dress ever that I wore to shreds many years ago that was, of course, red and black. Though I do like blues and purples too.

    I hope the appointments go smoothly.

  2. Raucous Indignation says

    And yes, may your doctors be clear and answer all your questions. You go to them for their expertise, to do something that few can. If you are not comfortable with the treatment plan, they should explain it with you again until you are. Or change the plan.
    You are the boss. They work for you.

  3. says

    Thank you all so much. :)

    No worries, I’m more than clear on procedure and treatment; my med staff knows I’m not an idiot, so they don’t waste my time, and I don’t waste theirs, either. Just want to get moving on all this stuff. After seeing Berglund on Tuesday, it will be time to set up something with Nisha, to get my hair cut and the remainder braided. I have plans for that, too. Involves beads. :D

  4. Raucous Indignation says

    You may very well keep your full head of head. There also these things called “cold caps.” The science is somewhat young and therefore less robust, but they seem to be helpful. We’ve seen good results, for whatever our anecdotes are worth.

  5. says

    Yeah, I know about cold caps. I know several women who had it done, and ended up having to cut all their hair off because it started falling out. They don’t work well at all.

    While it’s nice to think I might keep it, there is little reason to think I will, given the evidence so far. At any rate, this is something I’ve thought about and discussed with Rick more than once. I’m in a situation where I have little to no control, and that does not suit me, I’m the control freak’s control freak, and my interest is only in myself in that regard; I have no interest in controlling anyone else. That said, my hair is one thing I can control. I have decided what length to cut it, and given that it’s 40 inches long right now, I’ll have plenty left to play with if I do end up keeping it. If I lose it all, the loss won’t be so traumatic this way. If I end up full court bald, I’m getting my skull tattooed (yes, I know it will be covered with hair later. Don’t care).

  6. jimb says

    I agreed with Anne @ 8.

    (And clearly I’m catching up on weekend posts.)

    Hope the appts go well.

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