1. kestrel says

    Huge improvement on that bag. And really, it looks quite stylish!

    If I ever need to wear these I am totally not doing the dull “flesh” color ones. I’ll paint on them instead. I think this looks great!

  2. johnson catman says

    Those are bigger than I envisioned. I am even more impressed with your decoration of the bags seeing the scale next to your body.

    And your hair is really long! (obvious comment is obvious.)

  3. says


    If I ever need to wear these I am totally not doing the dull “flesh” color ones. I’ll paint on them instead

    That’s what I want to hear!

    Johnson catman:

    The bags are 9.5″ x 5.5″.

    And your hair is really long!

    You should see it from the back! :D

  4. voyager says

    Very stylish. Many people with ostomies feel a lot of social discomfort and embarrassment. Your ostomy art has the power to change that. It’s such a kickass way to say I am still me and your discomfort is not my concern. Seriously, this idea could make a difference to a lot of people. On a more personal note, I hope the skin underneath is not any of the colours you’ve used on the outside.
    Good luck with your appointments this week.

  5. says

    Thank you all so much!

    Voyager, the skin is doing fine, now. It wasn’t for a while, because I used that stupid barrier wipe. Christ, I did not react to that well, to say the least. One of those things resulted in the bag adhering to a point that I had actually had skin ripped off trying to get the damn thing off two days later. I stopped using that crap, stat. Now everything is fine.

    Anyway, wearing this bag today was great, I could leave it out, and part of it showed under my sweater, and I didn’t care, and neither did anyone else. It’s a good way to be able to almost forget you’re wearing one.

    So, back home. Things are going to start moving quickly. My oncologist wants me started on chemo and radiation next week, most likely starting Monday, but would like me to see if I qualify for a clinical study, so on Friday, I have a PET scan at 7:00am, radiation doc visit at 10:15, and an MRI scan at 2pm, so I will not be around on Friday. He wasn’t encouraging about the possibility of resection, so there’s a good possibility I’ll be stuck with these bags forevah. We’ll see, I guess.

  6. avalus says

    I just got time to pick up reading and I must say that you had an amazing idea there! The paints turn those grisly bags into something really beautiful! I absolutly second kestrels sentiment.

    I hope chemo and radiation turn out good* for you.

    Fuck cancer!

    * As good as bombardment with ionizing radiation and agressive chemicals can be for your overall health :(

  7. says

    It looks great.
    And funny enough, by being loud and bold, it is actually more discrete because it screams “art”, not “shit”
    Good luck for the upcoming therapy. May it kick cancer’s ass just like you kicked ugly tan shitbags* ass.
    *uhm, for once this doesn’t refer to Trump.

  8. says


    Are they going to use one of your RATS as a PET, or perhaps a DOG?

    Sorry. I’m silly.

    Silly is good. Just like pink. :D Looking forward to the PET scan, I was told the equipment is much more cool than the CAT scanner, which is so Star Trek. Long process though, I was told it takes at least two hours. You have to lie very still, bored to death for a half hour before, so you don’t end up lighting up the scans like a fireworks display. Ought to be interesting, when it isn’t being boring.

  9. says

    Thank you, Giliell!

    *uhm, for once this doesn’t refer to Trump.

    Oh gods, another reason to keep colouring the bags! :D Yesterday, we stopped and picked up a nice canvas. I decided I’m going to do a series of 6 or 8 bags, mounted on a painted canvas, and donate it to the oncology department at the hospital, so that more people will fight the stigma attached to these damn things.

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