This was first posted in June, 2012 on the Nigerian atheist group Facebook page, my Facebook notes and old blog and now published here for easy reference.

My short stint with the Nigerian Atheists group exposed me and many others to bigotry, sexism, homophobia and a blatant 304914_209227842473067_100001575579815_591821_3991924_ndisregard for facts in the group.  It really was an eye opening experience that brought to fore the characters of its founders and the real intention behind floating the group. It is indeed a pity because they give Atheists a bad name and has unfortunately contributed to the stereotype of Nigerians as yahoo scammers. I believe such experience should be documented for present and future purposes and HERE is a link to my write up on the experience

Below are my analyses of the comments made  by two of the Nigerian Atheists group main founders, Hotem Dajenid and Gamba Joel Sl, on the Nigerian Atheists group Facebook page , following my objection to the minutes of the first ever Nigerian Atheists group meeting, where I was blatantly misquoted and misrepresented.

The analyses of their comments was posted as a document and comments on the group page , not surprisingly and very unethically, the document along with my OBJECTION TO THE MINUTES document and my comments were deleted by Hotem Dajenid and Kunle Ogunyemi, who are both founders and Admin members of  the Nigerian Atheists Facebook group page. The group has also been made a closed group, hmm .. now closeted atheists or just hiding their bigoted, sexist , homophobic group from the prying eyes of the public?  They form a backdrop of interesting characters for a good storyline worth reading about HERE!

Hotem Dajenid WROTE-

 This will be settled soon, and since the public’s memory is short, this won’t be remembered six months from now. A few of us most affected will always remember, but atheists of Nigeria will continue to progress.

 My Analysis –

This comment speaks volume!

– “This will be settled soon  Really?

How? By bullying and sweeping the issue under the carpet?

– “and since the public’s memory is short, this won’t be remembered six months from now.”

So you are relying on the public forgetting about your misdeeds, bigotry, sexism, homophobic comments, lack of values etc in roughly about six months? Hmm… this really is an insult to the general public.

It also shows that you really have no idea how the internet works. Haven’t you learned from the downfall of your friend, Gamba Joel, who was having a jolly good time plagiarizing bloggers works on the internet and passing it off as his own words until it all came back to bite him in the ass, when a more enlightened, conscientious woman exposed him for the fraud he truly is? (All credits to Abbie Mimiko for that great GAMBAGATE Expose!)

Hotem Dajenid, unlike the public, the internet does not have a short memory!

When you engage online and post stuff on the internet, you are stuck with it for the long term, it’s no short term relationship boy, 308369_123406971100750_123367681104679_130198_1338767226_nyou are in it for the long haul! Gear up because all your words, actions, bigotry, lies, and deceits are forever documented online.

Yes, from time to time, I will joggle the public memory about how deceitful you lots are. All I need to do is Google the name “Nigerian Atheists” and drop some factual evidence of this damning episode and let whoever or whichever group is talking about Nigerian Atheists have the links to full gist of unfolding events here and let the true colours of the people behind this Nigerian Atheists façade shine through!

Oh boy, you people have got some free publicity coming. I mean, Kunle Ogunyemi had to beg his American FB friend contact to publish the minutes of the Nigerian Atheist meeting and promote the group on American sites, well, you want publicity, now you got it coming daily on Google! This promises to be fun!


Also, just because someone screams that he or she was misrepresented and misquoted, doesn’t make it so.

My Analysis- 

It may not make it so, but you forgot the important part that when in doubt go the fair way.

– Why attribute a quote to someone and publish it when you are in doubt about whether the person actually said it?

– Why make such categorical statements when you were not even at the meeting?

– Considering that you voluntarily blocked this person you are talking about even before this fiasco, what proof is there that you are not already biased?

– What really is your interest in Nigerian Atheists group since you are an Ugandan and resides in Uganda?

– Why not concentrate your dubious efforts in building an Ugandan Atheists group or is it that Ugandans are not as gullible as Nigerians or your dubious reputation is already known in Uganda and would be a hindrance to you getting some hard dollar bills from international Atheists community?

Hotem Dajenid WROTE-

  If it were up to me, she would simply be expelled from Nigerian Atheists.

 My Analysis-

Hmm Hotem Dajenid, the Ugandan, who resides in Uganda, says “If it were up to me, she would simply be expelled from Nigerian Atheists”.

– Another bigoted African using the dictator’s language, talking without thinking! How unfortunate, these people give Africa a bad image!

– Also imagine if this was coming from a white person, wouldn’t it be seen as neo-colonialism and patronizing attitude? Hmm, I guess sometimes, having a black skin has its privileges, e.g. you could get to be a patriarchal, chauvinistic, bigoted, sexist asshole and no one raises an eyebrow!

Hotem Dajenid WROTE-

 Yes. Yes. Well said Gamba. Kunle, from what I understand, simply wrote what everyone witnessed, which exposed her negative attitude. She’s pissed because she wants the record twisted to reflect the idea that she’s sweet, positive and promotes good working relationships with everyone.

 My Analysis- 

Obviously this caveman has no idea what ideals Yemis Ilesanmi stands for! Yemisi Ilesanmi is widely known for not playing sweet or fakery. Truth, critical thinking and logical analysis are all more important to Yemisi Ilesanmi than trying “to reflect the idea that she’s sweet, positive and promotes good working relationships with everyone.”

If only people would do their homework!

Hotem Dajenid WROTE-

In response to Gamba, Yemisi doesn’t have a case. She has no witnesses to back up her claim

My Analysis-

– Oh Hotem, what is more important to you.. the truth or availability of witnesses?

– You just unwittingly show once again, what an unprincipled and unscrupulous person you are!

– BTW, Yemisi Ilesanmi does not need witness to back her up, it was a meeting of a minority group, and she has a right not to be publicly quoted in the minutes of the meeting. You are really daft, aren’t you?

Hotem Dajenim WROTE –

 My advice is that Yemisi simply be expelled from Nigerian Atheists. She’s not the only fish in the sea

My Analysis-

– Now they are fishermen, fishing in the sea? How so Apostle Paul like… Hmm Apostle Hotem, Apostle Gambo and Apostle Kunle fishing in the sea for bigger fishes for Atheism all to attract funders in hard currencies. Gawd! Small brains!

Hotem Dajenim WROTE-

  Excluding Yemisi, Nigerian Atheists has a core of compatible gentlemen. Yemisi was a good experience for all of us–makes us aware of our vulnerabilities and makes us very cautious as to whom we invite to serve on our board. A period of a year’s observation is in order before we build the board from what it is now.

My Analysis-

– “Excluding Yemisi, Nigerian Atheists has a core of compatible gentlemen” lol!

– Hmmm.. Obviously Yemisi Ilesanmi was a real test for the “gentlemen”.

– Nigerian atheists group wants “gentlemen” not assertive ladies… why not just put a notice on the group page … ‘No assertive ladies welcomed, Women must be submissive because they evolved from the ribs of atheists gentle men!” Lol!

– These guys can’t even see all that poisonous residue of religion in their own words and actions… pathetic!

Hotem Dajenid WROTE-

  If Yemisi wants to start her own organisation, perhaps named: Nigerian Women Atheists, that would go a long way to keep women involved–and to see how Yemisi gets along with her sisters.

My Analysis-

– Yeah, the ‘gentlemen’ obviously feel challenged by an intelligent, assertive woman, they want the women to run along and go form a woman’s organization.

– The gentlemen have no balls to match the brains of the women.. so they find a way to kick them out!

Hotem Dajenid WROTE-

 Again, well said! And at a time before NGA accumulated assets.

My Analysis- 

– Hmm so finally Hotem Dajenid unwittingly let out his real motive behind Nigerian Atheists group… Accumulation of assets under the name Nigerian Atheists group.

– How deceptive! Pray, how is this different from Bishop David Oyedepo and all the other jet set pastors fleecing poor congregation members of monies while they jet off all over the world in their private jets?

– Hotem Dajenid and Kunle Ogunyemi publicly condemn religious leaders’ exploitation of religious believers while they themselves plot how they are going to accumulate assets using the Nigerian Atheists as a cover front?

– Any wonder that Kunle Ogunyemi begged his American FB friend to help promote “his “ organization on American blogs? How pathetic!

Hotem Dajenid WROTE-

 We have witnessed her outrageous temperament on this page. Even if we arrive at a point where everyone kisses and makes up, I fear for the future when, again, Yemisi perceives an injustice done against her. In the future, Nigerian Atheists may have property and funds at stake, when her tornado of rage will be a serious threat to a more advanced NGA.

 My Analysis-

– Once again these give away words… “Nigerian Atheists may have property and funds at stake”

– So it is really about accumulating property and funds using the name ‘Nigerian Atheists’, how enlightening!

Now to analyze Gamba Joel’s comments.. Remember Gamba is also known as GAMBAGATE following the exposure on his plagiarizing 99% of comments and posts he ever made on the Nigerian Atheists group page! So here comes my analysis of Gamba the GAMBAGATE comments!

Gamba Joel Sb WROTE-

 She’d been expelled. In fact, she had never accepted a membership right from the begining.

My Analysis-

We all know now that Gamba Joel can hardly string together a logical, original thought but even I keep getting surprised at the level of this incompetence of his.

He said,

“She’d been expelled”

Really? Expelled by whom, when and how?

Is thinking really that difficult for this guy who actually claims he wants to spread logic and critical reasoning to other people? Looks like he needs a large dose of brain activation!


What rational adults say a thing like that knowing it is obviously non factual and still try to pass it off as if it were a fact? He must be really dense or thinks Nigerian Atheists group members are kindergarten kids!

Gamba Joel Sb WROTE-

 Yemisi was never misquoted. All present at the meeting have reaffirmed that fact, what else. The minute simply exposed her and she wished she never was present at the meeting, that is it.

 My Analysis-

Yeah, I know this brother is really very thick in the head but really, how thicker can someone who parades as an Atheist rational thinker get? This is probably the thickest in the head I have ever seen!

He said “Yemisi was never misquoted”– Yet in his earlier comments on the issue, he admitted that He, Gamba Joel, was the one who said the second comment that was attributed to me in the minutes of the meeting. He had earlier said on the group page and I quote-

 I think you’re right here, I can’t remember you making such statement. I suspect I was the one who brought that up. Kunle should also apologise here.

Now he is dumbly coming back to say “Yemisi was never misquoted”. What a thick head! And that is not an insult, just a FACT, the evidence is clear, the truth might hurt but it is better than lies, atheists should know that!

Gamba Joel WROTE-

 The minute simply exposed her and she wished she never was present at the meeting, that is it.

My Analysis-

-The minutes exposed the ignorance of the writer of the minutes and the members who think there is something called “Atheistic values” as said in the minutes.

– The minutes exposed the fact that key members of the group ‘Nigerian Atheists’ are simply scammers looking for an International market!

Gamba Joel Sb WROTE-

 Good-working-rela-what? No. I think any one who needed good-working-relationship in this group should by now thank his stars that Yemisi is gliding out (though not without a fight).

Gamba Joel Sb ‎- *his/her*

My Analysis-

The ‎”*his/her*” obviously confirms that “her” was an afterthought. Women are not really seen as authentic members of Nigerian Atheists, no wonder Gamba Joel and Hotem Dajenid kept screaming that Yemisi Ilesanmi should go and form a Nigerian WOMEN Atheists group!

Little slip ups like this is a big glimpse into their sexist, bigoted chauvinistic, simplistic minds!

Gamba Joel Sb WROTE-

 I am afraid, the minute can not be amended. My problem is why do some people here still feel the minutes must be amended? All the attendants of that meeting has already came out to affirm the authencity of that report, I inclusive. Yemisi have proved who she really is. There could have been ways of resolving this issue if that was what she wanted from the begining, alas, she had a different programm and now, she has crossed the bounds of fairness (far as I’m concerned).

My Analysis

So Gamba and co are peeved that Yemisi Ilesanmi did not inbox them privately to beg that a wrong they did to her be corrected?

Hmm…did they ever hear of the words human rights na my property, you can’t dash me human right. So they like every known despotic leader, expected others to BEG for what is rightfully theirs? Such a shame for the so called new generation of Africans, they have learned nothing about how democracy works!

Gamba Joel WROTE-

 She can do whatever she needed to do; she had threatened legal actions that I stand to see her persue religiously as she showed here. But I don’t think she has the know how, she sucks!

My Analysis

Do I even need to address this? It is clearly an outburst of a child throwing tantrums.

BTW, Yemisi never threatened to take legal action… this was a suspicious suggestion made by one of Gamba and co supporters who just wanted Yemisi Ilesanmi out of this group so she and others could continue with their religious bashing and party on the group page. How pathetic.

Again, to educate you, Gamba Joel, legal action is indeed possible in this case, because any competent court can grant a valid request seeking an injunction against Nigerian Atheists group, asking the group to refrain from using the name YEMISI ILESANMI in any public document of Nigerian Atheists and yes, that include the minutes of the meeting of the Nigerian Atheists group.

However, Yemisi Ilesanmi does not need to go through the stress of legal redress, all she needs to do is Google ‘Nigerian Atheists’ every now and then and splash across a disclaimer and a post or two as examples of the bigotry, sexism, homophobia in this group. This is actually more fun than going to court!

Gamba Joel Sb WROTE-

 what are atheists rights? Are these “atheists’ rights” divorced from major fundamental human rights guaranteed in Nigerian constitution and various international laws that Nigeria is a signatory to? To think that someone who called him/herself an atheist could sit behind a keyboard and type this is beyond my thinking. One has to suspend his rational abilities and hypnotize him/herself into believing that religion has no un-excusable previledges in our society. You need to check that constitution again. What about blasphemy?! To name one.

 My Analysis

Oh Gamba… yes, it is an established fact that you have no original thought in your head, but every time you open your mouth in an attempt to spit out words that have not been stolen from other peoples blogs, I am still taken aback by the lack of rationale in your words, you really are thick in the head, I do seriously sympathize with you.

Oh boy, the Nigerian constitution asserts that every citizen is entitled to Freedom of Religion… Blasphemy is not a crime under the Nigerian Constitution.

Freedom of religion also encompasses freedom from religion and considering that there are various religions, gods and revered prophets in Nigeria, any singular religion could accuse the other of blasphemy against its God, Religion or Prophet. Constitutional freedom of religion protects against this malady.

Truly boy, are you sure you are a graduate or did you just plagiarized all your school work to get a degree? Not surprising, especially knowing what Nigerian educational system is like!

Obviously you can’t comprehend that there is a difference between the Nigerian Federal Constitution and your local customary courts, including your Sharia law and courts. The Nigerian Federal Constitution is the GRUNDNORM, its provisions supersedes any other powers it grants to other regional or local subsidiaries like your customary courts.

Do you actually understand that FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS are above any other provisions? That FREEDOM OF RELIGION IS A FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT? Hmm that would be too hard for your plagiarizing brain to comprehend. lol!

Actually, I only debate my Equals, all others I teach. I do not teach elementary classes, therefore Gamba Joel aka GAMBAGATE, you are not qualified to be my student! Your plagiarism would get you disqualified in the shortest time possible!

Anyway, the issue still remains the concocted minute of the meeting of Nigerian Atheists, the glaring fact that I was misrepresented and misquoted, a fact you actually admitted to before you unethically did a U turn and of course the fact that this group reeks of Bigotry, Sexism, Censorship, Lies  and Deceits. Nothing can distract or change these facts, they are self evident truths.

Oh…probably Gamba Joel aka Gambagate cried to Kunle Ogunyemi and Hotem Dajenid that he cannot stand the damning evidence that I am not “a’quack’,” “probably a non-practicing, drop-out or something.” as he claimed, so they had to delete the proof as it stared them in the face in my graduation video! I guess the truth really hurts! Kids! Here it is again boys, feel free to get a tissue and bawl your eyes out! Lol!


 Yemisi claims to be a lawyer but I suspect she is a ‘quack’, watch it! (probably a non-practicing, drop-out or something).

My Analysis

Oh Gamba…you never learn, do you? Lol! What did I tell you about getting your facts right?

Stop your pathetic, childish attempts at maligning people, it is really disgustingly funny! lol!

Stop suspecting and start digging for facts! Yes, it is all about FACTS, verifiable FACTS! Is it really too difficult for you to comprehend?

You know it is not really difficult to find out if I am to quote you “a ‘quack’”, ” (probably a non-practicing, drop-out or something).” You could have done your research but you preferred to throw suspicions and insults around. If only you could invest half the energy you spend on scouting online for words, posts and comments to plagiarize, on improving your IQ!

Well, you are the plagiarizing master, the GAMBAGATE himself, but do try and grow a brain!

BTW, enjoy my graduation video….not just my first degree or call to bar but my MASTER OF LAWS (LL.M) graduation ceremony! BTW Gamba Joel, do not steal my intro poem, it’s copyrighted! Lol!

With every minute and every action Kunle Ogunyemi, Hotem Dajenid and Gamba Joel have all made it clear this is about their ego rather than regards for truth and due procedure. The more they speak, the more they expose their true character to the world.

Every worthwhile experience needs to be documented and this forms the plot of the story ‘NIGERIAN ATHEIS481866_543604339002200_820756368_nTS GROUP: THE GENESIS AND REVELATION OF ITS BIGOTRY, SEXISM AND PATRIARCHAL TENDENCIES!’

People who lack principles cannot pretend to want to spread truth, logic and human rights to the world. Bigotry, Sexism , Homophobia, Censorship and many other patriarchal tendencies displayed by main founders of Nigerian Atheists group, have no place in any organisation that claims to be progressive.

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Following the refusal of the Secretary of Nigeria Atheists group, Kunle Ogunyemi to amend the minutes of the meeting as necessary and follow due process in seeking approval for publication, the co director of the Nigerian Atheists group Dr Tunde Arogundade has also tendered his resignation.I have also resigned as Director of Nigerian Atheists group.



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