Notes on Hypnosis – 1 Framing

First: a cloud of disclaimers and protective exposition. A lot of this is going to be my opinion, and it probably disagrees with many practitioners’. Take that into account.  Also, please remember that I am deeply skeptical about a lot of popular psychology, and attempts to explain hypnosis often lean heavily, perforce, on nebulous pop psychology concepts such as “peer pressure.” For the sake of keeping this readable and tolerable I am not going to fill my writing with skeptical bafflegab about pop psychology bafflegab, other than to note here that hypnosis is full of bafflegab. In other words, I’m asking you to be prepared, if you challenge me in the comments, “that sounds like bullshit!” for me to reply “yup, but it’s not my bullshit.”

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Immoral Christianity: 3 – Forgiveness

God Does Not Comprehend Forgiveness.

The topic of who god forgives, and for what, and why, is central to christian belief. If you discuss the topic of forgiveness with a christian, they may make an opening move along the lines of declaring that god is infinitely merciful and forgiving – and then, strangely, they stop there. Forgiving whom, for what, and why? [Read more…]