Some Thoughts During “Ready Player One”

Ready Player One is a nice bit of fluff and wish-fulfillment, with some really beautifully executed imagery. Behind that, it’s a basic good guys versus bad guys conflict, and the end is predictable and you can put your brain in “park” and enjoy the explosions. I won’t say “it was a waste of film” because I’m sure everyone involved worked very hard and it was shot on digital. But this is not a review of the movie – I want to discuss thoughts I had during the movie.

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On the Gentle Art of Giving Advice

We bought the farm in 2002, and moved up from the ‘far suburbs’ of Baltimore. The farm came with a bunch of stuff in mostly-workable condition: baler, rake, hay cutter/bind, and a 1974 Belarus MtZ572 tractor. We had horses to feed, so there was hay to cut, and the place had been going to seed for a decade – there was a great deal of bushhogging to be done, and the tractor came with a 10′ deck bush hog.

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Argument Clinic: White Supremacists

Recently, Argument Clinic received a formal request: “How do you argue against white supremacists?”

Is this the right room for an argument

Our work is cut out for us. In this particular episode, while we will retain our usual superior, snotty, didactic, tone, we encourage The Commentariat(tm) to help us out. A definitive treatment of the question “How to argue with white supremacists” probably involves winning a civil war – and decisively winning it, at that.

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