French + Wine

I do a lot of public speaking; usually a couple of conference keynotes, and a dozen or more invited talks every year. During conference dinners and meet and greets, there is sometimes alcohol, and it’s hard to pass up a free drink, especially when it’s sometimes quite excellent.

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Administrivia: Posting Schedule

I’d like to mention something: I do not intend to have a specific posting schedule. I have been tending to post something in the morning and the evening, but I have been noticing lately that I am having way too much fun blogging and there are projects and code and reports that aren’t getting done in as timely a manner. So, what I may do is drop down to one posting a day (approximately)  If you want to check on what’s up here, 7-8pm EST is a good time to look.

On the other hand, the beauty of blogs is that they are asynchronous. So you’re welcome to drop by whenever you want, and I’ll drop postings whenever I want, and we can all link hands and sing “Kumbaya.”

Bring Me To Life…

In the recent thread discussing Lao Tzu [stderr] commenter obscure1 mentioned Chuang Tze as having “a cast of characters” and it reminded me of a thing that I discovered about myself back in 2008. The market was crashing and people all around me were losing their jobs. Companies weren’t hiring high-priced consultants, either, so I had a lot of free time and decided to catch up on re-reading my shelf of philosophy.

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