New Year Resolution? Do away with God and Religion

A perfect New Year resolution would be to do away with God and all its attendant delusions. Most importantly, it would mean you no longer407171_2699056189303_1043602147_2867789_1434976931_n give a stamp of approval to all the ills, harms and atrocities perpetrated in the name of God under the umbrella of Religion as commanded in the Hoy book, be it the Bible, Quran or any other deluded book, aka the Word of God.

In recent years, we have seen how much harm and havoc God delusion can bring to humanity. It is not just about hearing old stories about how God sanctioned and even commanded slavery, genocides, plagues, jihads, stoning to death of non-virgin wives and gays, we cannot in good conscience, continue to say “Oh that was days of old”.

In recent years:

  1. We have seen innocent people beheaded in the name of God to the shouts of “Allahu Akbar”.
  2. We have seen children blown up in schools in the name of God.
  3. We have seen young girls kidnapped and married off in the name of God.
  4. We have witnessed young girls shot in the head for daring to seek an education.
  5. We have seen people blowing one another up because of God‘s promised land to his ‘Chosen people’.
  6. We have seen lesbians, gays, bisexuals and Trans oppressed, bullied, forced to commit suicide, thrown in jail, and even stoned to death all in the name of God and Religion.
  7. We have seen women denied equal rights because the word of God says women must be submissive.
  8. We have seen women denied the right to have an abortion even when the life of the mother is in danger because, well God, and soul.
  9. We have seen right before our eyes, wars and suicide bombings induced by people fighting over whose God is better.
  10. We have seen these atrocities, discrimination, and oppression being justified with quotes from the very book we look up to as the perfect word of God.

We have seen with our own eyes just how people who make us believe absurdities can make us commit atrocities. So, why, oh why do we still want to continue to hail a supreme being whose records of accomplishments only lead to hate, wars, genocides and sadism.

Why do we want to continue to hold in high esteem a God whose very words in Matthew 10:34-35 says

Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.

Why do you still think in this 21st century, you should enter a New Year with a God Delusion and a religion that glorifies violence?307120_290237154324821_100000156154826_1443765_1849047904_n

Every day, people especially innocent children, suffer and die in pain from preventable diseases without God giving a toss.

Where was God when millions including children starved to death due to famine?

Where was God when millions of people died from Malaria?

Where was God when thousands died of Ebola?

Science has been there for humans since evolution, Science is still there for humanity. Dedicated people through the process known as Science are developing and providing vaccines to prevent and treat diseases thereby making our lives better. Science is busy searching for a cure for Ebola and Scientists are working round the clock to fight cancer, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria, heart diseases etc. Jesus might have allegedly fed a crowd with magic, but scientists like Norman Ernest Borlaug, provably fed billions using a scientific method. It does not take rocket science to know who the real hero is.

People are the ones making the world better, not God.380851_291779867535381_266200396759995_858077_1570628675_n

We, the people, are all we have. We are our own salvation, destruction, and hope.

We must learn to take pride in our achievements.

We need to take responsibilities for our actions and inaction.

We need to appreciate the power we possess as humans and not attribute our successes or misfortunes to a mythical Skydaddy or devil. These supernatural mythical beings are figments of fervent imagination of some uneducated people, which have been passed down to us for centuries. Surely, it is time to let it go and set ourselves free from fables.

We need to break free from the delusion that there is a God up above watching over us.

We are not kids; we don’t need a Santa Claus delusion.

We are our own heroes; we should stop looking up into the sky for a superhero in the garb of a skydaddy.

From the scientists looking for cures for the dreaded Cancer, Ebola and HIV/AIDS to doctors, nurses, philanthropists and our caring neighbours, we are all we have; God has no stake in this. It is sad that Doctors do all the work and an invisible Sky Daddy gets all the praise! When we realised that only us can save us, we can stand up and take responsibility. The sooner we realise that there is no God or Devil, the better for us all as we can start harnessing all our potentials.

We limit ourselves by wallowing in the delusion that there is a God watching over us, taking records of all our good and bad deeds, taking attendance at church services and stoking the flames of hell-fire for unbelievers. As adults, do we need imaginary heroes and villains when there are enough heroes and villains living amongst us? It is time to say goodbye to God delusion and Religion.

Why not take that step today. You can make it your New Year resolution.

Doing away with God and religion is a huge step. For many of us, it is what we were born into, indoctrinated with and all that our society has403678_206949606069099_100002621825953_345019_1178992070_n taught us. It is a daunting task breaking free from such a heavy chain. However, you can. We can. Together we can break the chain.

I will be starting a YouTube video and blog series titled “How moral is your God?” The series will focus on examining God through the prism of humane morality. Let us take the steps together to put God under a humane morality microscope. While morality is subjective, there are basic humane moralities that we all subscribe to and which we use to assess and even judge people in our daily lives, can your God live up to these basic moralities?

No decent person would hold a villain up as a worthy role model. If God fails the humane morality test, why continue to hold him up as a role model? If your holy book fails the humane morality test, why continue to hold it up as a perfect book? Nothing should be used to justify hate and discrimination, certainly not a book that professes ‘Love thy neighbour’. The bible and the Quran can be used to justify slavery, racism and sexism. It takes a book of hate to give room for hate and provide a platform to justify discrimination. Is your ‘Holy’ book a book of Love or a Book of Hate?

To set ourselves free, we need to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. Anything that is holding us back from freeing our mind is an obstacle that we must overcome. To be truly free, we must be free to think and question.

It is a New Year, let’s do humanity a favour, let’s break the yoke of religion.404291_2885868499494_1043602147_2953767_1849342968_n

Above all, do yourself a favour; break free from God delusion.

Here is wishing all earthlings, specifically humans, a God and religion free Happy New Year!


  1. says

    I wish this would happen, but I have serious doubts it ever will. As a species, far too many of us are still wanting or needing gods and fairy tales to feel justified about all the horrible things they inflict on others. It’s so much easier to live with yourself if you believe the crime and oppression you gleefully took part in was justified by an unprovable diety. After all, it’s what he/she/they wanted you to do, right? That’s what makes it so moral.

    Or the flip side argument… They don’t speak for my true god(s). They the ungodly evil ones!

  2. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @wordsgood- It is a daunting task, but all we can do is to do our best and hope for the best. A step at a time in the right direction is better than taking no step at all. Let’s keep speaking out, our best might just be good enough to make the world a little bit better. Happy New Year to you! 🙂

  3. Akin says

    Shall we subscribe to Deism?
    We should not throw away the baby with the bathwater. Man’s attempt at describing the great spirit/creator has failed. Does that imply the absence of the source of powers? The search and unification with the source is an individual duty of each and every one. Your truth based on your perpective and observation holds for you.
    Meditation, I reckon, is the way forward. Yet, how many would dare to go into the realm attained by the Einsteins of this world?

  4. Akin says

    When my born-again fiance wanted to quit. She reminded me how her god had told her to kill and eat many sentient creatures that I do not consider as food. She added my disregard for the ‘papas-in-the-lord’ as another. To compound it, I don’t go to church, pay tithe or speak in tongues. Then she said I was occultic.
    Yet, I believe that by the grace of that that gave us all it takes, we are capable of being gods if we so choose.
    Yes we have a duty to be our brothers’ keepers but it takes a lot of selflessness and love than we would be willing to give.
    Moreover we would be dwelling in absolute rationalty nutured by a very sound spiritual quotient. Otherwise, there would always be cognitive dissonance which always require a man made god to handle.

  5. Akin says

    While the supreme spirit has many names based on the seeker’s view. Other names like we read of are dogmatic and doctrinal. ‘He’ was our invention.
    However, we shouldn’t let those who invent lies against the creator turn our backs against the source of our very breath.


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