Nigerian/African Anglican Bishops threaten to secede from Church of England over samesex marriage: A case of an apprentice arguing with the inventor about the contents of their invention

It was widely reported that:

“Anglican Bishops in Nigeria and the entire Bishops of Anglican communion in the entire Global South has threatened once again to pull out from the Church of England, if the Archbishop of Canterbury continues to recognize gay marriages, homosexuality, lesbianism and all other forms of social vices that permits same sex marriage.

The Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Church of Nigeria, Anglican communion, Rt. Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Olisa Chukkwuma said the entire Bishops of Anglican communion under GAFCON, which covers the nations of the ‘Global South’ spoke with one voice, stating that the sanctity of the Marriage institution as prescribed in the Holy Bible, which says it must be between a man and woman, must be maintained without compromise.

ANGLICANIt is pathetic that the people whose ancestors were forced to practice a foreign religion at gun point now defend same religion with such vigor that they even claim to know more about the religion than those who forced it on their ancestors.

As the Yoruba adage says- “Eni to ri nko e, to fe ku pelu e o, owo eni to ti sonu nko”. (Roughly translated as – When a person who finds a lost item belonging to another  holds tenaciously onto it, in a ‘do or die’ manner, what about the person who originally lost the item?)

Laughing and at the same time shaking my head at the utmost stupidity of those Nigerian/African Anglican leaders.Just secede and stop making ignorant noises! I’d say good riddance to bad rubbish.

Obviously these Bishops are not very familiar with their Bible because if they were, they would know that there are many types of Marriages approved by their Precious Holy Book including but not limited to-


  • Man + Brother’s Widow. Genesis 38:6-10
  • Rapist + His victim. Deuteronomy 22:28-29
  • Male Soldier + Prisoner of War Numbers. 31:1-18
  • Man + Woman + Woman’s Property. Genesis 16
  • Man +Woman + Woman + Woman + Woman   (Abraham, Gideon, Solomon)
  • Man + Wives+ Concubines- (Jacob, Esau, David, Joash)

Only a very vile person would even for a second consider as acceptable, a sanctioned biblical marriage between a Rapist and his victim because their Skydaddy says so, and in the same breath frown upon marriage between consensual same-sex adults.

Only a vile person would look at these Biblical sanctioned marriages and not have anything to say about the divine commandment to force a rape victim to marry her rapist, about forcing a woman to marry her dead husband’s brother because she is considered the property of the husband’s family, or divinely requiring a slave woman to be submissive to her master sexually and in all other matters.

No wonder Humans created God(s) in their own bigoted, egoist and vile image. As a person who respects equal rights for all irrespective of Race, Gender or Sexual orientation, I surely have better values than these Anglican Bishops and their God.

Still, they claim Same Sex Marriage will ruin the Marriage institution cos their holy book frowns upon it. This Holy book prescribed Marriage institution surely needs ruining and it has ruined itself! Same sex couples just want to have our share of the ruin and a right to join in the ruining of the ruined institution. Not too much to ask for, is it?


  1. Markita Lynda—threadrupt says

    As soon as I read “the Marriage institution as prescribed in the Holy Bible, which says it must be between a man and woman,” I was shaking my head, too. Don’t they read that thing?

    The Bible also forbids putting up evergreens and Christmas trees or having tattoos and commands parents to kill children who are rude to them. Why isn’t everyone either campaigning for those rules or ignoring the whole lot? It would be amusing to watch evangelicals propose that everyone who puts up a Christmas tree should be rounded up and put into camps or defending child-murder with the Bible — in a very sad, sick sense of amusing.

  2. Pen says

    One of the curious things about the Church of England is that as a state religion, it belongs to the British people as a whole. They are now largely a bunch of atheists, agnostics and apathetics, who vaguely value their cultural and architectural heritage but that’s about it. It’s pretty much a version of English Heritage or the National Trust rather than a functional religion. So I don’t see any way to avoid a secession between that and a bunch of people who actually believe God wants all kinds of bad things for people. However, I don’t think foreign Anglicans really understand these internal British issues. I’ve met Australian Anglicans who were wondering when the C of E was going to rise up and exercise religious leadership for them!

  3. The Beautiful Void says

    As Pen (#2) says, there isn’t much connecting the British and African strands of Anglicanism.

    I used to work in a community volunteer programme heavily supported by the Anglican church, which was located in a fairly poor part of London. It was interesting to see the mixture of charismatically-spiritual Nigerian and Ugandan people and the little-old-white-lady style of white Anglicans, and it was frustrating to see the difficulty that the two groups had in communicating (though to their credit they genuinely tried to sweep the differences under the carpet in order to work together).

    Perhaps a formal schism would be better for them; perhaps not. It’s their choice though. I’m not an Anglican and as such I don’t get a vote in this process.

  4. MrCravat says

    A schism will happen as they can no longer fragment and dilute the Anglican Community.

    The Nigerian & African Anglicans are deeply religious people and are big enough to stand on their own feet.

    The CoE claims to have 26m baptised members but around only 900000 attend every year and the missing ones just use the Church as a convenience for baptism,funerals and marriages, and the so called 80million numbers that the Anglican Community claims is well off the mark.

    Christianity is alive & thriving on the African continent and does not need to be shackled to former colonials,and be allowed to grow as Western Anglicans by their own choosing continue to see the congregations fall each year..

    It should be remembered that the “Pilling” report has been set up by the Church and by THEMSELVES alone and like many eagerly await its report

  5. Ekuba says

    Lol, will they rename it church of nigeria or church of africa after they break away? these pastors are ridiculous. They are also hypocritical if they claim that they are moving away because their god’s laws are being disobeyed by gays in the church or whatever. their very church was established through breaking their god’s law ie: (Matt 19:9 anyone who divorces his wife for any reason but infidelity commits adultery but Henry VIII who formed this church did it so that he could leave his wife for another after the catholic church excommunicated him).

  6. oronge kenneth says

    God forbid the bible forbid it is and abomination to God almighty. how can man marriage man. or a woman to woman….. DAT is bad. thank God .that the church of Nigeria is not with then

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