Upcoming Auctions

Looks like FTB is going wild! I see a ton of great shameless commerce going on, out there. So I’d like to tease a bit of what else is coming down my auction pipeline.

You may have seen the Pimp Wok; [stderr] I’ve obtained another wok body and more silver and I’m going to auction off a “name the mod” wok. With some limits, of course. But if you’ve ever wanted a wok with a black ebony handle and a silver skull finial, your chance may be coming up.

Final fit and finish

Also, someone in PZ’s thread suggested that I should do more kiridashi and maybe some dog fur removal devices. That seems like an excellent suggestion. So, I just pulled a couple of kiridashi blades out of the tempering oven (AKA: my stove in my kitchen). Kiridashi aren’t much easier to make than a regular knife, by the way – unless you’re just taking a piece of boring steel and grinding an edge on it, you have to weld it up, clean it, shape it, etc.

It’s neat how you can see the grain in the steel after it’s been heated

They don’t look like much, right yet. But let me tell you a bit about what’s inside of those pieces of steel. The larger ones are 1095 carbon steel faced with almost 1/4″ thick suminigashi – watered multi-property steel AKA “satan’s scrotum”. The smaller ones are a layer of 1095 carbon steel faced with 15N20 and suminigashi. I can personally attest to how tough this stuff is (though very few carbon steel blades can handle being dropped on the point) it’s going to be interesting to see how they polish and etch. Now that I’ve quenched them, they sound like glass on the counter-top.

I’ll do a couple of dog de-furring devices, too. I’ll probably go through my collection of wild woods and pick a few things that are mind-bendingly grainy, or something.


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