The Porch Foxes

I pulled up in the huge red truck, idling for a while, then finally tried to sneak out and get a picture of the frolick in progress.

Definitely, it was a frolick. As soon as mom realized that there was a threat, she went pinging off into the fields to try to lure me away from the pups.

Who knows if this link will work? I hate the way internet software works, nowadays: the stuff just changes and sometimes it breaks or sometimes it’s “better”. Actually, that’s not true – it’s never “better” it’s just more complicated and less reliable.

Anyhow, wowzie, look at that baby fox take off!


  1. Jörg says

    Who knows if this link will work?

    It is not ‘clickable’, but that just means readers need a split second more for selecting the URL text with the mouse.
    Given the access unreliability of embedded videos on FTB depending on web browser settings, pure text for the URL is not the worst choice.

  2. Jörg says

    selecting the URL text with the mouse

    … or with a finger on the mobile phone. That is also no problem.

  3. Bruce says

    It played fine on my iPad, after I copied it up to before the ? and pasted it into a browser.

  4. johnson catman says

    Is that your voice on the video Marcus? Somehow, I did not imagine you would sound like that. I am not sure what I expected you to sound like. Then again, whenever I have heard my own voice in a recording, I don’t think it sounds like me.

  5. Tethys says

    Thanks Ridana!

    Aw, are they just the cutest fluff balls? Thanks for sharing Marcus! Foxes are adorable when they aren’t trying to eat your chickens.

  6. moarscienceplz says

    Yep, I could open it. Nice video, but I didn’t see much frolicking. Nevermind, foxes are always good to see!

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