Oroshigane Fang

When you form the tip of a japanese-style war-blade, you cut the steel at a 45-degree angle then hammer the back over to form the tip. Usually, the cut-off piece goes in the bin, but with oroshigane or tamahagane, the material is valuable enough that you can’t do that.

Since that picture, I did a gradient mirror polish, ending on the tip of the fang, and blackened the metal at the top with linseed oil and a torch.

When I made it, I made the tip sharp. Really sharp. Then I realized that would be a pretty stupid thing to wear.


  1. Jean says

    Maybe you could make a leather or wooden sheath for it. That would make it safer to wear and you could make the sheath so that it exposes part of the polished metal.

  2. kestrel says

    That is beautiful and really cool. I think the idea of a sheath or something is great – because what a super useful thing to wear around your neck, as long as you were not stabbing either yourself or others without meaning to! (If you meant to stab others, maybe you had a really really good reason. Or you’re doing field surgery on them or something.) I would 100% wear something like that, and be really proud of it, so I think it’s a brilliant use of bits and pieces.

  3. Tethys says

    I keep looking at it, and all I see is a killer fingernail. Make more, and you can cosplay Wolverine. ;)

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    Could it be made into a butterfly knife that has a clear polycarbonate handle (or a wooden handle with a polycarbonate window)?

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