Pup Fur Remover Device

I sent a few of these out last week; jazzlet, CJH, avalus, mail is on its way to you. If you don’t get a box in … a while, let me know. [rq, I messaged you for an address, if you want one let me know where to send it. Yours is already made and is sitting on my kitchen counter]

Years ago I acquired a largeish block of spalted maple, which was so fragile I couldn’t do much with it. That was before I learned about how to resin impregnate wood using vacuum, so now that block is suddenly usable again. That meant it was time to break out my machinists’ square, make sure the fence and table of Mr Happy Dancing Bandsaw were perfectly aligned, and slice off some chunks.

Having a belt sander makes this sort of thing very easy to produce. Having a belt sander with idler wheels makes the hand-grip area a snap to carve. This took under 5 minutes to produce, total.

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Note: I often lag time between when I send someone a thing, and when I post it. Because that way they get to see it first in their hand rather than on a blog. So, if you’ve ever noticed that I play around with the timing of my Badger Forge posts, now you know why. It’s not a big conspiracy.


  1. rq says

    That’s a beautiful piece of wood.
    I also messaged you back because I don’t seem to have a first message but I think I know what the issue is. I shall tell Ronja the good news.

  2. Jazzlet says

    Oooooh Marcus Mail! I was thinking yesterday that Thorn could do with some gentle hair removal sessions as befits an old lady of distinction in the fight for Dogs to be Fed On Time Thank You. Jake always needs defluffing.

  3. voyager says

    That’s a beautiful fur removing device.
    I sense some happy dogs and kids ahead.

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