Did Someone Say “Soap”???!?!?!?

After reading Caine’s post about the Standing Rock Camp, I felt kind of frantic: I want to do something but my instincts are not the right ones for this situation. Other than throw money in the money-bucket, which I’ve already done, I … ugh.

Caine mentioned that there’s an address you can send stuff to, so I was digging around and found the camp’s “wish list” and …

They need laundry soap.

Meaning: achieved.
Purpose: engaged.

Let there be suds

Let there be suds

This the ultra-concentrated stuff. If it was stretched out with water the way they sell woolite it’d be about 5 gallons. The bottom layer of the box is a selection of dispenser and squirt bottles from my vast archive. If someone puts the lemon balm and clary sage oil I included into the soap, and uses the squirt bottle to squirt some thug in the eye, I disclaim all responsibility.

Now, to the real question: would I be a horrible person if I made a couple batches of Fight Club soap to send? Yeah, probably. So I’ve got the ingredients in progress downstairs for a largeish batch of fairly ordinary soap bars. I have plenty of other opportunities to indulge my twisted sense of humor.


  1. inquisitiveraven says

    I don’t make soap, but I do crochet. Looking at the list, I see that they need sweaters and hats. I’m short on funds, but I have a surfeit of yarn. Sweaters and hats I can do.