The Last Time I have Finished a Drawing (possibly NSFW)

In 2007 we had a major blackout in our town, three days if I remember correctly. In the winter. So when I got back from work I literally could do only things that were possible to do by candlelight – reading and drawing. It was the last time I have sat down with a piece of paper and a set of pencils and finished a drawing from start to finish. The drawing is below the fold since it is possibly NSFW.

This is fairly representative of what I have drawn, in addition to fantastical beasts, dragons, and trees. And depressions. I hope to brush-up on my drawing skills and get back into it now that I am unemployed and a master of my own time for a while. I have a few unfinished paintings too. A few finished as well, but I did not get round to taking pictures yet.

The original is a bit bigger than A4 and is now unfortunately irreparably damaged from an incident a few years ago when workers repairing my roof shuffled stuff in my attic whilst completely ignoring my advice about strong winds in my area. So they stored the folder with all my drawings and sketches under an impromptu shelter that was ripped off by a wind gust during the next rain. I found out only several weeks later when everything was moldy and I could not even plausibly require the company to pay the damages. I tried my best to salvage what I could, but I lost most of my drawings at that time.
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Jack’s Walk

Modern Warfare by Chase Meuller

This morning Jack and I came across a pile of papers scattered on the sidewalk near my house. This isn’t unusual. We live near a high school, and I often find littered test papers and assignments on my lawn, but this pile was pristine and on examination looked lost, not tossed. There were a few job applications and several pieces of art, including the one above. Luckily, the young man’s name and phone number were on the applications, so I phoned him to let him know what I’d found. He hadn’t known he’d lost the papers and was quite glad to hear from me. He was very polite and thankful, and we made arrangements for him to stop by tomorrow to pick up his things. This piece of art appealed to me, and I asked him if I could post it. He’s given me his verbal approval, and so I present to you the artist, Chase Mueller.

Good Luck with the job search, Chase.

Tree Tuesday

There is one last grove of California Giant Red Sequoia trees in private hands and like all forests in the Sierra Nevada area, it is at risk of damage from environmental pressures, including a heightened risk of fire. The grove is highly important and contains some of the oldest and largest trees on the planet. Nearly 500 of the trees are over 6 feet in diameter

Now, a California conservation group is beseeching the public to step up and fund the purchase of a huge grove of the towering trees. “It’s an awe-inspiring place,” says Jessica Inwood, Parks Program Manager for the Save the Redwoods League. “It’s the last, largest giant sequoia property left in private ownership.” One sequoia on the property, the Stagg Tree, is believed to be the fifth-largest tree in the world.

Though the sequoias do not burn as frequently as other trees in Californias, the league intends to reduce tree overgrowth in order to mitigate the damage of future fires. “With fire frequency and intensity predicted to increase due to climate change and with significant fuels accumulation in the forest, the ecosystem is vulnerable to severe fire damage,” Inwood says.

The fires are nothing new, but the warm conditions that foster them are becoming more frequent, and the vast fires that result are difficult to combat. “Drought in a warmer climate is a big threat,” says Roger Bales, director of the Sierra Nevada Research Institute at the University of California Merced. “Also high-intensity wildfire, which is more likely with a warmer climate.”

The 530 acres, known as Alder Creek, currently belong to the Rouch Family, and they have signed a purchase agreement to sell the land and the trees to the Save The Redwoods League for $15 million. Now the group needs the public’s help in funding the purchase.

Story via:  Atlas Obscura from September 2019.

I will add as a happy update that thanks to people from around the world, the Save The Redwoods League has met its fundraising goals and Alder Creek is now protected. If you’d like to know more about this non-profit organization and the vital work they do, they can be found here.



Flowering Gorse

It’s time to start our week with flowers from Nightjar,

The photos are from last year but were also taken in January and unlike last week, the timing isn’t off at all! Ulex europaeus should be (and is) flowering now. A sight to behold and one of my favorite things to photograph. I don’t even know what I like the most, the beautiful flowers or those magnificent spines!

©Nightjar, all rights reserved

©Nightjar, all rights reserved

©Nightjar, all rights reserved

Questionable Beauty of a Snowless Winter – Part 3

Last frozen patterns that I took pictures of. The second one looks almost like snow – it was over 2 cm thick fluff that built on the white surface of an old boiler that I still did not get to take off to recycling.

© Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full

© Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full

© Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full