1. sonofrojblake says

    Gotta love the floppotron.

    Open thread? OK. My sincere sympathy to anyone unfortunate enough to be living in the US right now, on the news re: Roe vs Wade. Its a dark time.

  2. dianne says

    I’d say the world’s going to hell in a handbasket except a brief examination into recent history demonstrates that it is already there and the handbasket has long since fallen to pieces under the strain of transporting the world ever deeper into the abyss. The song “W.Z.F”, which is all about how awful 2020 was, is starting to feel quaint. Remember when we actually cared enough about whether people died of covid or not to wear masks? Remember when huge forest fires were actual news instead of “dog bites man” events? For the USians in the audience: remember when we thought the election would be the end of the controversy about who would be the next president (okay, so maybe we never did entirely believe that)? Also for the USians: Remember when those who thought anyone with a cycling uterus should be enslaved were a minority (well, they still are, but they’re the oligarchy in charge now)?

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    The floppotron is a nifty machine.

    lumipuna @ 152 in the previous thread

    They stopped asking for my ID when I was about 25. You probably look more youthful than I do. I’ve seen a look of annoyance on the faces of bouncers when I try to show them my ID when entering a bar or a club.

    Today I went swimming in Lake Näsijärvi again (second or third time this week). The water was 17 ℃, still refreshing. I spent about 3 hours alternating between sauna and the lake.

    Tampere is very good in this regard. In Helsinki Area the problem with going swimming was always, where do I leave my keys, phone and wallet, but here, there are good places with lockers or one can leave the valuables to the cashier (who sells the sauna tickets). I think I’m able to survive this heat wave with my sanity intact.

    There was a lot of people, but luckily there is a lot of room in the lake. I could swim in peace keeping my distance to people just taking a short dip as well as to SUP boards, kayaks, jet skis and boats.

  4. says

    Hey y’all
    I need to add to the current pile of misery. While not on an international catastrophe level (the world will absolutely not notice) it’s just,, well, fuck.
    I just invited my dad to come live with us. It’s the right thing to do, since my mum is worshiping at the, altar of Jack and Daniels again, but hell, I’m not prepared for that.
    I don’t know if he’ll accept, our phone call got interrupted, but fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Did I mention fuck?

  5. lumipuna says

    Sorry about everything happening right now.

    A week ago, I was feeling extremely privileged because it was comfortably cool here in Finland while much of south-central Europe was roasting in an extreme (by June standards) heatwave. Now I’m feeling extremely privileged because a brand new air conditioning system was installed in my home on Monday, while the heatwave has arrived here with a ferocity that weather forecasts pretty much failed to predict.

  6. says

    @Giliell, that sucks. You have my sympathies. When close ones start to worship Spiritus it is always difficult for everyone involved. There seems to be too much misery all around these days, both big and small.

  7. says

    Well, at least both dad and I agree that this is a very last resort. He’s currently contemplating moving the caravan to a local campsite and moving there. But hell did that man grow small over the last months. Your parents getting old is never easy.

    It’s hard to accept that you’re less important than a glass of cheap vodka.

  8. Oggie: Mathom says

    For lunch today I had toasted homemade bread, tuna salad, and the temporary crown for one of my molars.

  9. Ice Swimmer says

    Concurring lumipuna @ 5. I’m not sure if I have aircon, but my flat hasn’t become unbearably hot.

    My sympathies for you, Giliell.

  10. Oggie: Mathom says


    I just invited my dad to come live with us. It’s the right thing to do, since my mum is worshiping at the, altar of Jack and Daniels again, but hell, I’m not prepared for that.

    I sort of understand. My mother is suffering from dementia. My sister is living with Mom and Dad. And Mom is in complete denial. And I am 1000km away and taking care of my granddaughters fifty hours a week. I don’t think any of us are prepared for any of this. Issues with parents getting older is tough enough. Adding substance abuse to that . . . I think my Dad is a high functioning alcoholic. About a handle of scotch every two weeks. And he’s the one who can remember everything.

    You have my sympathy. I really hope that you and your family can find a way to make things work.

  11. Oggie: Mathom says

    According to one of my twin granddaughters, “Bunky [Grumpy] made monkey fish sadad.” Apparently ‘tuna fish salad’ becomes something else when translated into toddlerize.

  12. lumipuna says

    This morning, as I was lounging naked in my bachelor cave, I found a newly attached tick on my right thigh, in a relatively reachable location. I rarely get ticks despite frequently roaming in the bushes, and so I don’t usually remember to do proper tick inspections on myself.

    It was time to test and review Tick Twister(R) by O’Tom, a tick removal tool I bought some time ago. It’s a plastic fork shaped like a tiny crowbar. The package includes two slightly different size forks for different size ticks. You’re supposed to slip the forked end around the tick’s body and then twist, because supposedly straight up pulling will break the tick’s mouth parts and leave them inside your skin.

    It didn’t work at all. The plastic is too slippery to get a grab of the animal for a twisting motion. It didn’t even hold for a pulling motion, because the tick was too small and flat. It was an adult, but not yet enlargened at all. Also, I strongly suspect fork wouldn’t fit under a fully enlargened tick.

    After trying for a couple minutes, I was pretty sure the tick was vomiting all its gut bacteria and viruses into my skin. That’s what is said to happen when you botch up your tick removal, rather than doing it quickly and gently, and it’s said to greatly increase your risk of contracting some disease.

    Eventually, I just grabbed the tick with my fingernails and pulled it out. It looked like the mouth parts possibly came out, too. Now there’s a tiny reddish dot on my skin, but no swelling or irritation.

    Verdict: Don’t bother buying the Tick Twister(R).

  13. says

    @lumipuna, for ticks it is good to have at home an iodine tincture disinfectant. It tends to go deeper into the tissue than hydrogen peroxide or alcohol do. I would look for erythema migrans in the area if I were you, but if the tick was small the danger should be small too.

    As far as tick removal goes, twisting is pointless. As one of our professors in University told us “ticks do not have corkscrews for mouths”. He told us that if the tick is big and bloated, instead of twisting it on should be rocking the tweezers back and forth while gently pulling.

    A friend nurse taught me a removal technique for small and not yet bloated ticks some twenty-five years ago -- grab the tick firmly with flat tweezers as close to the skin as possible and simply yank it straight out. She never had the mouthparts remaining in the skin and neither did I (I have used it on myself as well as on others).

  14. says

    Ouch. Ticks are a pest here. While I don’t seem to be their favourite snack, Mr is. I usually use flat, fine tweezers. Actually, I just removed one from his thighs this morning. One thing you should do is to take the tick and glue it onto a piece of paper with sticky tape. Write the date and location next to it. If you think that you caught something, take it to the doc. Apparently it#s much easier and faster to check the tick for nasty things than your blood.

  15. lumipuna says

    Thanks for the advice. I should probably try to buy suitable tweezers in advance of the next tick.

  16. Oggie: Mathom says

    Apparently, today is world chocolate day. In honour of said celebration, I am making pork mole:

    2 pork tenderloins

    Wash and dry the tenderloins and let them come to room temperature.

    1 chilaca chili, seeded and diced
    1 mulatto or ancho chili, seeded and diced
    1 smallish tomato, roughly chopped
    5 cloves garlic, peeled
    1/2 cup water

    Place chilis, tomato, garlic and water in a blender and process blend until finely diced. Add

    2 squares of dark chocolate

    and blend until the chocolate is no longer chunky

    Decant the sauce into a bowl and add

    3 tablespoons honey
    1 tablespoon cinnamon
    2 teaspoons salt (I use smoked salt)
    2 tablespoons of olive oil

    and mix it up thoroughly.

    Coat the port fillets with the sauce and let it sit for about a half hour.

    Bake (or (better) convection bake) on really high (450F) until the pork is cooked and the coating is a little on the crunchy and caramelized side. I am serving it with steamed zucchini and corn soup.

  17. lumipuna says

    Today, I saw a beautiful, rare and surprising optical phenomenon for the first time: sunshine reflected from falling raindrops.

    I don’t mean the rainbow, which is refracted sunlight. Reflection is like seeing the mirrored image of the sun in water or glass surface. I’m not entirely sure on how it works with rain, but I have a theory based on some background knowledge.

    Normally, falling raindrops are roundish, so they reflect sunlight into all directions. Therefore, you can’t see a single strong reflection from any particular angle, even when the sun isn’t blocked by clouds. If there’s raindrops or dewdrops on vegetation, they can sparkle in the sun at a broad angle like diamonds, which is also very beautiful. In the air, falling raindrops are usually so small and far away that you can’t see the individual sparks, and too sparse to collectively create a noticeable shimmering effect.

    However, the largest raindrops in free fall are about pea sized, and they have a relatively flat bottom, as they’re on the verge of being broken by air resistance. I was on my second floor balcony, with a view to approximately south where the sun was shining at approximately 45 degree angle. Directly overhead was a very local rain shower with large heavy drops. Looking in the general direction of south and 45-ish degrees downwards, I could see a few large sparks of sunshine reflected from the flat bottoms of the drops.

    It was very beautiful; individual falling drops were like shooting stars against sunlit vegetation in the background, lighting up and going dark in a rapid sequence.

  18. says

    @lumipuna that does sound like a sight to behold. Such unique experiences are very powerful. I do not remember ever reading about such a thing or seeing it.

    My unique experience with the weather was over twenty years ago during a walk in the late summer evening. I saw some huge clouds south of our town, in two layers. They were only slightly illuminated by the moon and, barely visible, but with flashes of light illuminating them very brightly every few moments -- there were lightning bolts in those clouds, going from one layer to another. There was no rain and also no thunder, so it all happened in complete silence. It was beautiful and also spooky.

  19. lumipuna says

    Charly -- cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen lightning without hearing thunder afterwards.

    Late tonight we’re expecting some sort of thunderstorm here. I might go briefly out around sunset time, if there’s interesting clouds to be seen and not much rain or thunder. Mostly, I’m just hoping for substantial rain to revive the vegetation and help wild berries grow properly.

  20. lumipuna says

    Update: The rains continue skirting around Helsinki. Tomorrow morning, there should be (they say, again) some thunder and rain, but I’m growing pessimistic.

  21. says

    Damn, rain, I heard of that. I hope you’re all getting through the heatwave well.
    Did I mention that I started going to the gym?I had to admit that “I must exercise more, I#ll start next week” just wasn’t working and there was the perfect opportunity of a gym opening in my homeplace more or less on my commute, so i can put my stuff into the car, go to work, go to the gym, without taking a detour home. I’ve been slowly building up some routine and my body is hating it. I’m still hoping to get into the habit. I know I liked it 20 years ago…

  22. Ice Swimmer says

    lumipuna @ 20-21

    It’s rained here in Tampere area this afternoon. There was a heavy shower around the time I was starting to leave work (about 4 pm).

    Giliell @ 22

    I’m hoping you’ll find the satisfaction in exercise. Was your body hating it most on the third day you did it? I remember from my newspaper delivery days that the third night at work after summer holidays was the worst, the legs got really sore from climbing stairs while carrying on average 7,5 kg of newsprint. After the third night, they got used to the load.

  23. lumipuna says

    The current European heatwave isn’t reaching Finland, so I shouldn’t complain about the weather. There was even some rain early this morning, though more would be welcome.

    Sorry for anyone currently enduring more heat or drought than they’re used to.

  24. Tethys says

    We had some very hot weather earlier in the month, but it’s been perfect summer weather recently. Warm sunny days, sufficient rain, and lovely cool nights. The heat loving plants in the garden are happy, and the pansies are still blooming too.

    Raspberries are in season, but I’ve got some issues with squirrels who are snapping the canes by trying to climb them. They are also harvesting my green apples and burying them around the yard.

  25. says

    Ice Swimmer
    Thanks, I’m still actively hating it, but it’s getting better as I’m noticing progress. Yes, the second and third time were the worst. Like my body knew what I was doing and trying to stop me.

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