There Should be Dryads Here

It is raining for over a week so I went to the forest last week to check whether the mushroom season has started. It has not, but it keeps raining still so I will check once a week from now on, and I hope I will manage to get some boletes at some point. We ate already all that I picked a few years ago so we need to re-fill the pantry.

I did not take the camera with me, and I did not encounter many things worth taking pictures of anyway. But I did take a picture of my favorite beech tree with my phone.

© Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size.

It is not particularly huge, but it is not small either. It managed to keep the ground around itself clear of undergrowth for decades and I always stop by when going to that part of the forest. It has beautiful roots and all in all, is full of character. One can imagine this to be one of those trees that dryads inhabit and protect.


  1. lumipuna says

    We had occasional small rains in July, after a very dry May and June. The soil remained essentially bone dry under the surface, but that little moisture in the soil surface was enough to induce some boletes here and there.

    The last few days have been seriously rainy. I’m seeing more mushrooms popping up already, but not really any that are good to eat.

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