A Short Note on Product Photography

Product photography is a really difficult thing to pull off well. You need drama and depth, but clarity as well. Your images are almost always highly constructed, but they need to look natural and spontaneous. They need to show a sense of the scale of the object, which means you need other things in the picture that convey scale without distracting. I used to have a whole shelf of books, which I practically memorized, about problem-solving different types of product photos.

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A Final Comment on Tacticool

A few years ago I was on a subway in New York (museuming!) and there was a guy there who was wearing hunting camouflage from head to toe. Unfortunately, I didn’t think he was being ironic; he wasn’t going against cultural norms, in fact he appeared to be trying to stereotype “game hunter” toxic masculinity. But, the image stuck in my mind. I can’t find the picture I shot with my phone, so you’ll have to imagine a gooner standing in a subway car full of New Yorkers, dressed like a mighty white hunter.

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A Ruff Look

Warning: blurred nudity

Caine posted a link to some absolutely gorgeous and inspiring elizabethan-style costume photography, [affinity] it reminded me of some stuff I did last year.

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