This is really great. The algorithm fed it to me with 260 views on it. How can something so good lie unnoticed?

The answer is, that it rested someplace dark and foetid, guarded by an army of rats that come out and dance circles around it every full moon. It rests in a case of black marble that was carved by hand by Dolly Parton in a moment of feverish madness, using a black knife that had been quenched in the heart of a Nashville record executive.

Oh, and … turn it up. Trust me. Normally I would not dream of asking you to trust me but just this once.


  1. lochaber says


    This is a great example of the wonderful, weird, silly stuff borne of the internet, and I just wish it was more of this, and less of the nazi conspiracy bullshit and overmarketed crap…

  2. Tethys says

    :) I am totally unsurprised that you already know about Heilung. Most humans I know take one look at the antlers and skulls, and immediately freak out about devils. I enjoy hearing people speaking Old Norse, which is how I came across them in the first place.

    All of the vocalists are amazing, but Maria Franz is just spectacular with her range.

    In Maidjan is the most phenomenal rendition of the alphabet song I’ve ever heard, though I also enjoy the entire rune poem on the Fuatha album.
    “Hail is the coldest corn” is simple, yet profound.

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