By The Way: Welcome

I’ve noticed a few new voices here, and I’m very happy to welcome you to ${whatever this is}.

It’s been fascinating to watch the ebb and flow of readers. At one point, I had about 30 times the current readership, and obviously either I managed to piss them off, or the blogosphere changed, or they went on to other things, or whatever. Just looking at the numbers is not informative nor would it cause me to change my editorial approach, such as it is, so why bother. Just pull up a chair and a mug of something drinkable (it’s heading toward cold weather up here in Pennsylvania) and hang out as long as you like.


  1. says

    I’d like to point out that soup is drinkable and works wonders on a cold day.

    That is true!
    I eat ramen of some form or another at least one meal a week so I consider soup to be a meal more than a drink.
    Tomato/red pepper soup goes well in a mug, especially if you have some garlic toast on the side.

  2. Robbo says

    were gonna have 60°F weather in Minneapolis. Duluth and northern MN have 5″ of snow or so right now.

  3. billseymour says

    It’s still fairly hot in Hawaiʻi 8-), but it’s the last full day of meetings for me.  Tomorrow afternoon I’ll fly from hot to probably just cool; then it’ll be Amtrak’s California Zephyr across the Sierra Nevada, the Rocky Mountains, and the Great Plains to Chicago, and the Texas Eagle to St. Louis.  Once I’m east of the Bay Area, it’ll be cold.

  4. says

    The entire concept of blogging tanked and passed through a nadir during that time. That ebb may not be about you at all.

    Agreed. But what happened? Was it the rise of many to many social media aggregators like TikTok and Instagram that did it?
    My suspicion is that’s it. Nowadays if I see someone post something more than a page of text, in some places, people reply “TL;DR” which is funny because I don’t know how the TikTok set managed to learn something with a complex semicolon in it.

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