What If…?

I do not actually think this is the case, but if I were writing a spy story, it would be the obvious “angle.”

Imagine that the TS/SCI documents Trump had squirrelled away in the basement, were related to the Russian influence in the 2016 election? It would totally make sense (which is why I don’t think that is what is happening) that the Trumpies grabbed all that stuff and, since they couldn’t burn it, they stole it. Meanwhile Bill Barr gutted the Muller report, basically pulling the same move. So, when the Trumpers finally got the “get your crap and get out lf here…” message, they grabbed everything that might be related to that incident.

It’s probably just normal stupidity, but I can’t help but try to make sense of it.

Meanwhile, I hope they don’t just go after him for the classified documents. Al Capone went down for tax evasion and got away with murder. Garland should charge Trump for conspiring to have a coup and present the evidence to a jury, not sit back building a perfect case. Of course people say “the right will riot.” Fuck ’em. Let the national guard mow them flat. They don’t have what it takes to mount an insurgency, let ’em have what they want.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    “Let the national guard mow them flat.”
    Yeaaahhh … how many NG troops are trump-lickers themselves? Were I in the Guard and ordered to defend the country against MAGAts, I’d be happy to pop a few caps in their asses, but I wouldn’t want to be in the front for fear of getting a cap in my ass from my “brothers in arms”.

  2. StonedRanger says

    Trying to make sense out of the senseless is a useless task. Trump is a clown who does whatever he decides he can get away with. I was going to say whatever he thinks he can get away with but I dont think dumpf thinks about anything. He just does shit. I no longer believe he will face any consequences that matter.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    … if I were writing a spy story, it would be the obvious “angle.”

    Don’t forget the part about young Daria Dugina “entertaining” Trump at the Moscow RItz-Carlton.

  4. JM says

    It would be interesting to know what is in that pile but it’s really unlikely we ever will.
    On the one hand it’s unlikely that Trump had a plan for taking information. It’s far more likely that Trump just grabbed whatever classified information he had handy, hoping to use it later for something. Sell it, use it for leverage or even just claim he is using to back his eventual memoir of his time in office. The Trump administration didn’t have a plan for leaving office because Trump denied that he had lost until so late and kept his staff from working on it. It would have been almost impossible for anybody but Trump to prepare an organized list of what secret information he would want. Only he had access to all of it and that is the sort of difficult paperwork organizational task that Trump doesn’t do.
    On the other hand, it’s likely that the secret information that Trump and his close stooges kept around the White House was important for some reason. So information about the Russian connections and various corruption committed by the Trump group and corruption that Trump though he could use for leverage would be high on the priorities.

  5. lochaber says

    There’s just too much bullshit bewing flung about at all directions and trajectories, for me to make any serious speculation.

    As to trivial speculation, I still hold that I wouldn’t be surprised if the trump admin hauled off everything they could get their hands on, simply in the petty hope that it would cause the Biden admin some difficulty and trouble. They did all sorts of other petty bullshit to make the transition difficult.

    I still don’t think he’s quite bright enough to effectively cover his tracks, or grab actually relevant and high-value information for espionage on his own, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of his “good friend” dictators somehow requested something specific or otherwise manipulated/guided him towards certain documents or files.

    I hope there is enough of a trial that some of this comes to light, ideally with dragging the orange asshole off in cuffs and a matching orange onesie, but maybe that’s a bit much to hope for…

  6. Tethys says

    This is a person who lacks a moral compass. I hope Garland builds his case perfectly, and it ends with a conviction for espionage.

    Then that charge leads right into the sedition and treason charges of the Jan 6th type, and the final nails in his gilt coffin will be supplied by Georgia election interference, and the ongoing suit against him by New York. I suspect he will have a massive stroke before serving jail time, but hopefully he fights his way into an orange jumpsuit first by threatening the various secret parts of our government. He is just that stupid too, so fingers crossed for the autumn of convictions.

  7. tuatara says

    I find it hard to imagine that t***p had any plan beyond making everything difficult for Biden. He isn’t smart enough to think for himself. The shifting of documents to his ‘club’ was just a “shit we gotta get outa here” reaction.
    Does that rule out the presence of incriminating evidence? Hell no. As JM says above, it is likely that some documents were kept close BECAUSE they could incriminate him.
    As for the stroke, Tethys. Yeah, I’d like to see which of his loving children or even his wife bother to wipe his arse and clean the drool off his chin when he cannot. I hope that they will be too busy squabbling over the carcass of the t***p organisation to care for the old bastard enough to make him a burger milkshake and shove it up his epigastric feeding tube.

  8. kestrel says

    At this point we can only guess, of course. One guess I read about is the idea that for Schmuck a’la Orange things come down to “what is it worth?” and that he was just taking things that might be worth something to someone. That’s certainly bad enough. This guess seems plausible to me because I don’t think fpotus is a clever strategist, but rather a shallow and selfish thinker.

  9. lochaber says

    this is still going on…

    And, now the guy who didn’t understand DNA is directional, is trying to tell us what is or isn’t possible with DNA?

    Dude likes to spend a lot of time and energy spouting off about shit he doesn’t understand the most basic concepts of.

  10. outis says

    Well, it is interesting to speculate. Without going in too deep in this particular sewer, I’d guess he’s simply Chaotic Evil.
    That is, he does do evil stuff, but in a totally random way, not being equipped with an internal ledger for keeping track of what he says/does. Imagine a random evil generator, that’s him to a T!
    And of course this way of behaving slots neatly in the mentalities (such as they are) of his followers and lickers. As many commenters here pointed out repeatedly, it’s pretty useless to complain about Mangolini’s inconsistency: that’s a highly appreciated (by his lickers) feature, not a bug. Ah well.

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