1. StevoR says

    No one noticed the typo at any stage?

    Mild surprise. I usually notice mine about a second after I’ve posted..

  2. Jörg says

    NRA member endorces typos.
    “NRA member endorces” …
    Let’s make this a meme. Google is your friend.

  3. flex says

    Having had a number of signs made over the years for my own campaigns, I can tell you that the printer probably noticed the error. Which leads to a couple of possibilities, the NRA Member who was having them printed was a real asshole to the printer and so they just printed what was given to them (a fairly common passive-aggressive approach), or the printer disagreed with the sentiment of the sign and just didn’t bother to contact the NRA Member having them printed. I suspect the former.

    In Michigan the law is that the person/PAC getting political signs printed is required to put their name/PAC on the sign. This is not generally to allow the public to know who paid for the signs, but to enable a municipal representatives to contact the person/PAC about removing signs on public property (i.e. in road right-of-ways) after the election. The person/PAC can be fined for littering, even if they didn’t put up the signs themselves they are responsible for ensuring they are removed. Generally this doesn’t happen, the person/PAC gets a warning about a sign which hasn’t been taken down. Often municipal authorities will take a couple down on their own, knowing that some campaigns do not keep good track of all the signs put out.

    It looks like your state has a similar requirement, and so we know that NRA Member had these signs printed up. They are most likely responsible for any miss-spelling.

  4. Reginald Selkirk says

    @7 – In my district, a candidate put GPS trackers in some of his signs to thwart vandalism/theft. Someone took down all the signs after the election (a primary) and was charged with theft. He claimed he was just cleaning up. Eventually charges were dropped.

  5. moarscienceplz says

    My guess is Walker doesn’t need to be endorced, he probably already is a dorc.

  6. david says

    Thanks to the tiny font, the word “member” is going to be missed by people driving by, making it look like Walker is endorsed by the organization. The sign is misleading and slimy, in addition to its bad spelling.

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