My Little Shot in the War on Christmas

I used to post a lot of stock photography on deviantart [da] and over the course of a few years I managed to accrue 10 million page-views with 75,000+ followers.

So around thanksgiving a bunch of years ago, I posted my own little bit of culture-jamming stock. Guess what? People were actually stupid enough to complain: “Waaah! Santa Claus is white!” No: he’s imaginary! If I had a unicorn, I’d have shot him on unicorn-back, flying into the air on a rainbow of farts.

Santa Claus is imaginary. But if there were a Santa Claus he’d have great abs. mjr, 2011

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Christians, with their stupidity, corruption, and endless whining, do more to destroy Christmas than anything I could possibly do.

The model for that shot, Ray S., was great to work with. And just because Ray was so damn cool, here’s another shot of him, modelling my old swing-dancing duds and looking way better in them than I ever did.

mjr, 2011


  1. kestrel says

    That is really cool. People complained about that?! I tell you, some people would complain if you handed out $100 dollar bills.

    We live on a farm out in the West and have some pretty rustic sayings here, and I was going to say, “Some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope”, but I did not want to upset any Xtians. They are already having such a tough time what with the “war on Xmas”, poor things.

  2. says

    Wow. I’m not even into men and this Ray gives me tingles. That is one handsome dude.

    Some people sure will fight for their Coca-Cola canon, won’t they? I mean, who would you WANT crawling down your chimney?